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Teen Summer Programs

Conservation & Tradition On A Native American Reservation

  • Live on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, with Glacier National Park as your backdrop.
  • Engage in volunteer projects including carpentry, environmental initiatives, the Child Nutrition Program and animal welfare.
  • Connect with the land through hikes, swimming in mountain streams and camping a night under the stars.
  • Attend traditional cultural events, learn from tribal elders, and open yourself to a powerful experience that will resonate for a lifetime.
  • Check out the Blackfeet itineraries & photo galleries!
  Dates # Days Service Hrs Price
MT 1 June 23 – July 1 9 30 $3,190
MT 2 July 6 – 26 21 85 $6,290
MT 3 August 1 – 12 12 40 $4,290


High-Impact Projects & Vibrant Cultural Immersion (with Spanish)

  • Live in the vibrant small town of Cotui and practice your Spanish with neighbors and local friends.
  • Build school classrooms and help run a popular day camp for local children.
  • Spend off-hours in classic Caribbean style—socializing, laughing, playing games with neighbor kids and practicing Spanish. 
  • Spend time at the beach, take short hikes, make local foods, swim and boat at the largest lake in the Caribbean.
  • Check out the D.R. itineraries & photo galleries!
  Dates # Days Service Hrs Price
DR 1 June 11 – 19 9 30 $3,190
DR 2 June 24 – July 12 19 70 $5,590
DR 3 July 18 – 29 12 40 $3,990

Water Conservation & Indigenous Quechua Immersion (with Spanish)

  • Make your home-away-from home in Urubamba, at the base of the Andes in the stunning Sacred Valley of the Inca.
  • Work with indigenous Quechua farmers on water conservation and irrigation projects Immerse yourself in Spanish practice and delve into workshops on chocolate-making, carpentry, pottery and weaving.
  • Explore rich cultural traditions from soccer to salsa dancing, and uncover the vistas and ancient history of Machu Picchu and other ruins.
  • Check out the Peru itineraries & photo galleries!
  Dates # Days Service Hrs Price
Peru 1 June 9 – 20 12 40 $4,290
Peru 2 June 26 – July 16 21 80 $6,290
Peru 3 July 23 – Aug 3 12 40 $4,290

Introduction To Service & Culture In The Caribbean

  • Live in a community center in a local neighborhood, with Caribbean views in all directions. 
  • Get an introduction to island volunteer work with carpentry initiatives, painting, and social service with kids.
  • Gain insights into the social and environmental challenges facing the islands amid a shifting landscape.
  • Dive into one of the most stunning places on earth for swimming, snorkeling, scuba and hikes.
  • Check out the BVI itineraries & photo galleries!
  Dates # Days Service Hrs Price
BVI 1 July 2 – 10 9 30 $3,290
BVI 2 July 15 – 23 9 30 $3,290
BVI 3 July 28 – Aug 3 7 25 $2,590

“So much experience and personal growth can be packed in when the leaders, the sites, and program structures are as wisely crafted, tried and true, as VISIONS. As a past VISIONS summer program director, I know that VISIONS combines high ideals with high standards. The result is an extraordinary program.”

Joby Taylor, Ph.D.
Director, Shriver Peaceworker Program
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Gabon, Africa

DestinationLanguageDates (2024)DurationService HoursTuitionAvailability
British Virgin Islands 1English07/02 - 07/109 Days30$3290APPLY
Space Limited
British Virgin Islands 2English07/15 - 07/239 Days30$3290APPLY
Space Limited
British Virgin Islands 3English07/28 - 08/037 Days25$2590APPLY
Dominican Republic 1Spanish06/11 - 06/199 Days30$3190Applications
Dominican Republic 2Spanish06/24 - 07/1219 Days70$5590APPLY
Space Limited
Dominican Republic 3Spanish07/18 - 07/2912 Days40$3990APPLY
Montana Blackfeet 1English06/23 - 07/019 Days30$3190Waitlist*
Montana Blackfeet 2English07/06 - 07/2621 Days85$6290APPLY
Montana Blackfeet 3English08/01 - 08/1212 Days40$4290APPLY
Space Limited
Peru 1Spanish06/09 - 06/2012 Days40$4290APPLY
Space Limited
Peru 2Spanish06/26 - 07/1621 Days80$6290APPLY
Peru 3Spanish07/23 - 08/0312 Days40$4290APPLY
Space Limited


  • *Waitlist available for full programs—contact us!
  • Read more about the application process.
  • Financial Aid is available for families who need some assistance.
  • Read more about how service hours work on VISIONS programs.
  • “No stress” enrollment through January 15th, with fully refundable tuition.
  • One leader to every four or five participants sets VISIONS apart among service summer programs for teens.
  • Maximum group size is 25 and programs rarely have more than 15 of either gender. 
  • Programs are for ages 14 through the summer of graduation, and generally with “bell curve” age distribution.
  • Most participants attend on their own, and no more than two friends can attend the same program together. 
  • Language immersion programs longer than 15 days require two years of language study or the equivalent in life experience.
  • While it is okay to apply before you have reviewed all VISIONS materials, please do not accept a space (register) until carefully reading the website, including the FAQ page. Families who are new to VISIONS should also attend one of our ~ 30 minute informational webinars.

Programs Comparison Chart

We Are MindfulWe Are FamilyWe Are Explorers
Montana BlackfeetCarpentry & Construction Projects

Environmental Work With Local Nonprofits

Child Nutrition Program, Animal Shelter & Puppy Fostering
Sacred Ceremonies & Powwows

Historic Tours, Guest Speakers & Workshops

Immersion In Blackfeet Ways Of Life
Scenic Hikes, Wildlife Sightings & Glacier Views

Swimming In Mountain Streams & Overnight Camp

Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing & More
Dominican RepublicBuild School Classrooms & Additions

Run A Popular Educational Day Camp

Murals, Painting & Maintenance Work
Live In A Large Home In A Vibrant Neighborhood

Spanish Practice & Day Stay With Host Families

Dance Lessons, Games With Kids & More
Beach Outing, Swimming & Kayaking In Mangroves

Cacao Tour & Chocolate Making

Ferry On Caribbean’s Largest Freshwater Lake
PeruWater Conservation Irrigation Projects

Adobe Construction At Local Schools

Classroom Time With Children
Spanish Practice & Day Stay With Host Families

Artisan Workshops, Sports & Games With Locals

Immersion With Indigenous Quechua People
Visit Historic Ruins & Machu Picchu

Incan Salt Mines & Colorful Markets

Scenic Hikes, Andes Vistas & Sacred Valley Outings
British Virgin IslandsSmall Labor Projects With Carpentry, Painting & Maintenance

Environmental & Public Park Improvements

Day Camps With Local Kids & Occasional Animal Welfare Projects
Live At St. Mary's Community Hall

Historic Tour & Local Workshops

Cajun-Style Barbeque & Afro-Caribbean Immersion
Scuba, Snorkel & Beach Exploration

Snorkel Through Mangroves

Scenic Island Hikes

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