DestinationLanguageDates (2021)DurationService HoursTuition 
AlaskaEnglish06/17 - 07/1125 Days90$5950APPLY
British Virgin Islands 1English06/26 - 07/1419 Days70$4950APPLY
British Virgin Islands 2English07/18 - 07/2912 Days40$3650APPLY
Dominican Republic 1Spanish06/25 - 07/1319 Days70$4750APPLY
Dominican Republic 2Spanish07/17 - 07/2812 Days40$3350APPLY
Galapagos 1Spanish06/15 - 07/0319 Days70$5950APPLY
Galapagos 2Spanish07/08 - 07/2619 Days70$5950APPLY
Guadeloupe 1French06/12 - 06/2615 Days50$4050APPLY
Guadeloupe 2French07/03 - 07/2422 Days75$5750APPLY
Montana Blackfeet
(Middle School)
English06/14 - 06/2310 Days35$3150APPLY
Montana Blackfeet 1English06/27 - 07/2125 Days90$5950APPLY
Montana Blackfeet 2English07/26 - 08/0915 Days50$3850APPLY
Montana Northern CheyenneEnglish06/25 - 07/0915 Days50$3850APPLY
Peru 1Spanish06/16 - 06/3015 Days50$3850APPLY
Peru 2Spanish07/05 - 07/2521 Days75$5250APPLY
Peru 3Spanish07/30 - 08/1315 Days50$3850APPLY
Montana Farm & Ranch 1English07/01 - 07/2525 Days90$5950APPLY
Montana Farm & Ranch 2English08/01 - 08/2121 Days75$5250APPLY
We are MindfulWe are FamilyWe are Explorers
AlaskaCarpentry with lumber and power tools. Home renovations, build community structures, and also run a small day camp for local kids.Live in a school in small Athabascan village. Traditional steam baths, local lore from elders, fishing with community friends, beading, and native crafts.Overnight backpacking, ice climbing, hikes, Alaskan wildlife, canoeing, visit to popular tourist town of McCarthy.
British Virgin IslandsCarpentry with lumber and power tools. Build community structures and do home renovations, along with environmental projects and some work with kids.Live in a community center in neighborhood overlooking the sea. Carnival festivities, Caribbean cooking lessons, Rasta guest speaker, steel drum lessons.SCUBA diving, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, exploring Road Town & island of Virgin Gorda.
Dominican RepublicMasonry construction with cinder-block and mortar. Build schools, community centers, and homes in urban neighborhoods. Run day camp for local children.Live in a rented home in lively Dominican neighborhood. Colonial Zone history tour, artisan markets, dance lessons, baseball games, daily Spanish speaking.Weekend in Dominican Alps, beach time, swimming, cave tour, city excursions, discotheque night.
GalapagosPermaculture farming and carpentry. Plant fruit trees and other crops and build tent platforms. Clean up plastic from local beaches and volunteer at a nearby school.Live on a permaculture farm in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. Artisan workshops, dance lessons, daily Spanish speaking.Excursions to Floreana and North Seymour Islands, hikes on Santa Cruz, Quito Colonial Zone, snorkeling.
GuadeloupeCarpentry with lumber and power tools. Improve school facilities and community parks, environmental projects, trail work, and run day camp for local children.Live in a community center in island town. Day stays with families, island history tour, Zouk and Gwoka dancing and drumming, cooking lessons, daily French speaking.Day trip on Basse-Terre island, volcano hike, visit Grand Marché, snorkeling, swimming, island hikes, ferry rides.
Montana BlackfeetCarpentry with lumber and power tools. Build playgrounds and community structures, major home renovations for elders, some environmental projects.Live at a ranch outside town of Browning. Pow wow with dancing and drumming, sweat lodge, guest speakers, teepees at the Sundance, native crafts with artisans.Overnight backpacking trip, Glacier Park visits, horseback riding, lake swimming, Rocky Mountain wildlife.
Montana Northern CheyenneCarpentry with lumber and power tools. Build community structures, playgrounds, handicap ramps, serve meals at Senior Center, and run day camp for kids.Live in a school in reservation town of Lame Deer. Pow wow with dancing and drumming, sweat lodge, interviews with elders, buffalo herds, visit Big Horn Battlefield.Overnight camping trip, horseback riding, day hikes, native plants, river swimming, rural county fair, mining town of Colstrip.
PeruMasonry construction with cinder-block or adobe and mortar. Build new schools and additions to existing schools, along with large irrigation projects with rural farmers.Live in a rented home in a small town in Sacred Valley. Day stays with families, outdoor food markets, artisan workshops, cooking lessons, daily Spanish speaking.Weekend at Machu Picchu, scenic hikes to ruins and sites, visits to Cuzco, Plaza de Armas, Maras salt mines.

PROGRAM Highlights

  • One leader to every four or five students sets VISIONS apart among service summer programs for teens.
  • In addition to our summer programs for high school students, we offer one middle school summer program.
  • 14-year-olds may choose between our middle school or high school summer programs.
  • The average age of our high school participants is 16, but we receive kids of all high school ages, including a few in the summer of graduation.
  • Most participants attend on their own, and no more than two friends can attend the same program together. 
  • VISIONS has worked in most of our sites for more than 20 years, and local organizations choose the projects.
  • Language immersion programs longer than 15 days require two years of language study.