Financial Aid

Financial Aid

VISIONS is committed to making life-changing opportunities possible for high school school students from diverse economic backgrounds. It is why we offer financial aid that is based on financial need and availability of funds. 

VISIONS may also offer a limited number of merit scholarships for students who are in the “gray area” of qualifying for aid and who also demonstrate that they are an excellent candidate for a VISIONS program. These scholarships are modest, but can be enough to help make the difference for some families.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and we recommend submitting your application as early as possible. We also encourage you to check out our fundraising tips below since we ask applicants to do some fundraising, as well. Financial aid scholarships do not cover flights.

To apply, go to the VISIONS program application and select that you are applying for financial aid in the “I am…” drop-down box. Note that if you are asking for $500 or less, tax documents are not required.


Many VISIONS participants—whether receiving financial aid or not—do fundraising for their summer program. Here are some tips and resources that we recommend.

      • Brainstorm about opportunities within your circle of friends, family and community. Consider contacts in your community and what types of fundraisers they may respond to. It will take some organizing and forethought, so brainstorm with friends, family, teachers, guidance counselors and other people who may be connected to youth and service initiatives. 
      • Get to know your audience. Try connecting with organizations that have similar missions or philosophies. The Lions Club, Rotary International, Jaycees, Junior League, Key Club, religious and service groups and even your school may be willing to lend a hand. Local organizations, family trusts and foundations often offer assistance for teens who want to make a difference. Before you meet with a donor, familiarize yourself with the mission of their organization. How does it relate to VISIONS or to own your quest? 
      • Set up a crowdfunding site. There are several websites that can help fund your trip. Sites that our participants have used are VolunteerForever, YouCaring and Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation. Other options include, GoFundMe, GoGetFunding, Razoo, Crowdrise, Fundly, JustGiving, Generosity by Indiegogo and StartSomeGood. Be sure to look into fees and restrictions with each site.
      • Research travel scholarships and grants. Ask your school counseling office for local and national resources.
      • Make something, sell something or pick up a small job. We know that teens are busy, but a part-time job can be energizing and mix up school life. If a job isn’t an option, think about what you can create or sell through school or community networks.

     A few examples of fundraising that VISIONS students have done: 

      • Asking for donations as a holiday or birthday gift
      • Picking up jobs such as babysitting, snow shoveling and mowing lawns
      • Bake and craft sales 
      • One student met with an adult service group that donated funds and had the student give a presentation upon return from the trip