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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

VISIONS provides financial aid to roughly 15% of applicants. We also partner with a few exceptional nonprofits that identify bright, motivated low-income students for participation in our summer programs. We make financial aid decisions for scholarships less than $1000 on a rolling basis. Larger scholarship decisions aren’t made before February 15th of each season. Scholarships are based on financial need.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please download this form and follow the instructions.

Many VISIONS participants—whether receiving financial aid or not—do fundraising for their summer program. Here are some tips and resources that we recommend for raising funds.

  • Consider contacts in your community and what types of fundraisers they may respond to best. It will take some organizing and forethought, and it’s an opportunity to brainstorm with friends and family.
  • Try targeting organizations with similar missions or philosophies. The Lions Club, Rotary, Jaycees, Junior League, church groups, even your school might be willing to lend a hand. Talk to your principal or guidance counselor, minister or rabbi, teachers, family friends. All communities are different and often there is assistance through a local organization for community service initiatives.
  • Before you meet with a donor, familiarize yourself with the mission of their organization. How does it relate to VISIONS or to your own quest? Consider writing a letter stating your goal and how much assistance you need. Be prepared to describe VISIONS by reading our website, and perhaps printing some of the pages. Say why you want to do a VISIONS program, how you think you will benefit, and, through you, and how your participation might benefit your community.
  • Go giftless on birthdays and holidays and instead ask for a contribution to your trip, request frequent flier mile donations, have a garage sale or bake sale, host a meal with food that is typical to your program site, create a letter writing campaign to ask relatives and friends for donations.
  • Common online fundraising sites that our participants have used include: VolunteerForever, GoFundMe, YouCaring and Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation.