Please note that tuition does not include airfare or $90 for mandatory evacuation insurance. If you chose to save your progress and resume later, please provide your email address and create a password in the section that will appear on the top of the application form. Refer to our FAQ for information on tuition and any other questions, or be in touch: Call/text 406.551.4423; Email

*If you were previously registered for a VISIONS 2020 program that is now canceled, you do not need to complete another application for the Montana Summer program. Please call or email our office so we can assist you with your new enrollment request.

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Family Information

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Financial Aid
VISIONS is committed to making life-changing opportunities possible for students worldwide. Families who apply for financial aid must submit the following items: 

1. A cover letter from the family that: 
    • Explains your financial need
    • Identifies the top three choices of programs to attend and any date / schedule restrictions
    • Specifies the dollar amount being requested
2. 400 to 500-word essay written by the participant that:
    • Explains what the opportunity to attend a VISIONS program would mean to you
    • Identifies your goals for attending the program
    • Outlines your fundraising plans
3. Family must submit two most recent tax returns (for financial aid requests of more than $500).

Please note that applications are not reviewed until everything is completed.

To read more about our financial aid policies and fundraising ideas, click here.

Scholarship Referral

Contact Details

It’s important that correct email addresses and phone numbers are entered for each person. These will not only be used for follow up on the application, but they are also used during the VISIONS program and travel days.
Participant Information

Used to contact participant on travel days, if necessary

So we can tag you in photos from the summer!
Mailing Address

Participant's School

Primary Parent/Guardian Information

Consider carefully. This adult will be the only one to receive a tuition invoice or documents that require an electronic signature.
The second parent or guardian will be included in general email correspondence, but only the primary parent will have direct access to these required forms.

Second Parent/Guardian Information


Helper fields (hidden section)
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Used to validate passport expiry date

Used to find the correct program in Salesforce and to name paperwork records


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Please provide contact information for two references. We will contact your two references and have them complete a five-minute questionnaire. 
By submitting this form, you authorize VISIONS to contact the references listed below with the intention of discussing character, behavior, and other topics that may help determine the participant's suitability for the program.

School Reference

Teacher, guidance counselor, or other school personnel

Other Reference

A second school reference or any adult who knows the participant well (no family members).

Optional third reference

Providing a third reference often expedites the application process. This is optional. Use the link above if you would like to provide information for a third reference.

Participant Questionnaire

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The following questions must be answered by the participant. If you are a parent completing this application, you may use the checkbox below to skip this section. Once the rest of the application has been submitted to VISIONS, an email will be sent to the participant with a link to complete the questions below. Please note that the participant will not receive the email until the rest of the application has been submitted.

Participant Enrollment Contract

I understand VISIONS mission and that I will be asked to put the group’s needs ahead of my own. I understand that by participating, I am an ambassador for VISIONS and will seek to build friendships, uphold an ethic of service and goodwill. I understand that VISIONS has zero tolerance rules regarding alcohol and drugs, and intimate relationships, and that choosing to break such a rule will result in dismissal from the program and forfeiting service credits. I understand that safe, considerate conduct and respect for program policies are essential. I also know that I will be living and working in the public eye, and appropriate behavior, language, and clothing are necessary. I agree to assume responsibility for my conduct, to participate with a positive attitude and to do my part to create a productive experience.

Application Fee

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Please note that the $50 application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason.

Payment Information


Payment helper section (not visible)


*If you chose to save your progress and resume later,
please provide your email address and create a password in the section that will appear on the top of the application form.