Save Your Space for Summer

Perspective through
purposeful travel

Teen summer service programs &
customized group trips

We know that students who engage in meaningful service work in new environments gain exceptional insight—it’s been our program model for more than three decades.

VISIONS teen volunteers settle into daily life of the host community, become friends with local residents, experience new customs and in the process, gain a sense of global connection. As one of the original international and domestic service organizations for teenagers, we celebrate this connectedness—and the hope it holds for the future.

In addition to high-impact social service and construction projects, VISIONS continues to expand our environmental commitment with projects rooted in sustainability and connection to the land.

If you are ready to ignite a future with promise, purpose and positive change, then you are ready for volunteer opportunities with VISIONSVISIONS.

I feel like I have a second home. I left with great friends, a sense of
accomplishment and memories to last forever.”

Since 1988, we’ve built more than 1,200 structures and provided countless hours of social service.

We Are Mindful

Work That Matters

We step outside our comfort zones to accomplish things we never imagined. We start to see the world in a larger way. We gain skills, grit, self-confidence and independence. We glimpse the future self we want to be.

We Are Family

Deep Bonds

We live, work and play as community members, not tourists. We make deep connections with local residents and work together toward shared goals. We hammer, paint, talk and laugh. We knit ourselves into the fabric of the place. We make friends for life.

We Are Explorers

New Outlooks

We revel in being off the beaten path. We traverse foreign landscapes, taste fresh flavors and learn new languages. We delve into a different way of life and examine how it feels to live it. We keep our minds and hearts open.

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