*All leader positions have been filled for the 2024 season!
We will open the application for summer 2025 positions this August


4 leader teams: Montana Blackfeet Reservation, Dominican Republic, BVI & Peru
6 outstanding leaders per crew team

VISIONS leaders are at the heart of our transformative service programs, which have spanned more than 35 years.

We hire exceptional people who are driven to make positive change in the world through working hard and being role models. Leaders instinctively prioritize student, team and community needs. They understand that having their own needs met can be the result of serving others and doing an excellent job.

Typical leader teams may include outdoor educators, teachers, grad students, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, adventurers, and other individuals who understand that the most immersive work can be the most rewarding.

Life skills and practical skills—from logistics to meal management and construction to “leave no trace”—are valued. At least one carpenter is hired for Montana and the BVI.

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Job Description

Leaders are responsible for facilitating a fun, engaging, impactful and safe experience for a group of diverse teenagers far from home. Leaders help students process the experience and make it successful according to VISIONS core values.

Leaders are the continuation of many years in our locations. These communities look forward to VISIONS returning year after year. Leaders uphold our relationships with communities, are ambassadors, and hold high regard for cultural norms.

Leaders and teens live together in a group setting and are responsible for maintaining a smooth-running homebase, with meals, cleaning, shopping, etc. The days are spent at project sites, cultural activities and outings. Leaders participate in, and supervise, all aspects of the experience. Each program session lasts from one to four weeks, and there are multiple sessions per summer with days off between. Longer sessions also include a day off per week.


If you are interested in working with VISIONS, please learn more about our mission and our values. As an organization that works with humans, we recognize that there is an inherent “messiness” due to the flaws of humankind, ego, and missed connections with the natural world. We actively strive to build bridges and understanding, to learn and be more informed, to welcome all people who are on board for a VISIONS experience, and to live in greater harmony with the planet.


Team Structure: Each team has one director and a group of leaders for a total of 4 – 6. The director is in charge of the budget, group meetings and scheduling. There are 15 to 25 kids on a program, and we maintain an average ratio of 1 leader to every 4 or 5 kids.

Honcho Roles: Each team has a med, food, activities, projects honcho, among other roles that are established during leader training.

Living Situation: Leaders live with the kids at our homebase and rotating bunk duties may apply, depending on the housing situation. We live in humble, no-frills communal places that are integrated with the host community. There are bathrooms, showers, electricity and running water, although resources can be intermittent and showers are not guaranteed every day.

Driving: In Montana and the BVI, leaders are the primary drivers of the group. Driving is a primary safety concern and driving records are checked.

Language Requirement: Leaders on our Spanish immersion programs must be proficient in the language.



Training: There are a couple pre-summer zoom sessions to cover the basics and meet each other. Leader teams then have 7-10 of training at the program site before kids arrive. You will learn the blueprint of VISIONS programs, our values, how to implement a safe experience, deal with various scenarios, and become an effective team.

This is also time for program setup. You will clean and setup homebase, finalize activities and projects, meet local contacts, learn participant information, and more. The time is jam-packed with full days and evenings.

Program: You will be regularly interacting with kids, other leaders and community members while participating in all aspects of the program. Read more about typical daily life on a VISIONS program here.

Leaders typically work six days a week, with one day off per week on programs that are longer than nine days. (9- or shorter-day programs build in an extra day off between program sessions for better overall flow.)

Wrap-Up: At the end of the program, the leader team typically has three days for cleaning and packing, completing evaluations and paperwork, and any other needed tasks.




    • Minimum age 21
    • First Aid and CPR certified before the program begins (can be obtained after the hiring process)
    • Spanish skills for D.R. and Peru

Special Qualifications (not required)

    • Advanced medical (WFR, EMT, etc.) or lifeguard certifications
    • Carpentry skills

Benefits and Compensation: VISIONS is pleased to offer competitive compensation that varies slightly based on the number of previous VISIONS summers and specialized certifications. Leaders also receive travel stipends, all-inclusive employment (accommodations, meals, activities), and pro-deal access to outdoor brands. In addition, personal and professional skills learned are applicable to many careers for years to come, such as leadership, communication, resilience, a strong work ethic, and relationship building. Most importantly, leaders have the opportunity to be a teacher, mentor, and friend to students.

Email josephine@visions-service.com for details.

Dates: Employment duration ranges from 6-10 weeks during summer months. Dates will depend upon the program location and includes training before participants arrive.

Apply: If you feel you would be a good fit for our programs, please complete the application from this page.



VISIONS Service Adventures has been fortunate to have an exceptional roster of leaders, each contributing uniquely to our mission. Many have returned for multiple seasons and have become part of the heart of our programs. Stacy Bodow, with her sensitive spirit and keen organizational skills, played a pivotal role in enhancing program efficiency and has helped train program directors and leaders for many years. Marvin Mastin, known for his inspiring leadership, empowered teams to make a lasting impact through example and so much heart. Wes Hedden, with his strategic vision, significantly expanded our outreach, and brought his dreams to life in SE Asia. Dov Stucker, a passionate advocate for community engagement, fostered meaningful connections and used his skills to engage his own community at home. Nick Nelson, a dynamic and innovative leader, introduced creative solutions to challenges, and also volunteered his time and carpentry skills in Poland. Stacey Neve, dedicated to fostering inclusivity, ensured diverse perspectives in our initiatives, and shared her passions for meaningful service and cultural immersion. Georgia Calimeres, with her commitment to sustainability, spearheaded environmentally conscious projects, and is coming back this summer for another season. Together, these leaders and others have left an indelible mark on VISIONS, embodying the spirit of service and collaboration.


Final Notes

It is rewarding to see the impact that a VISIONS program has on participants. Leaders are a crucial component of that experience. Days are jam-packed with teenagers at your side and the days are full, which means that stamina and energy are needed. If you need a lot of “me” or downtime, or if you aren’t ready to put the group’s needs ahead of your own, this job probably isn’t for you. We consistently hear that this is the most rewarding job our leaders have ever had and many return for repeat summers. If you are ready to give of yourself and expand upon your skills and work ethic, then we encourage you to complete the application below or email josephine@visionsserviceadventures.com with questions.


“I worked as both a leader and a Program Director for VISIONS, and it has changed my life. VISIONS is not like other summer experiential programs – it is evident that the home office has put in a lot of compassion to establishing connections with community members in their locations. Some partners have had a relationship with VISIONS for over 30 years. The projects are crafted in coordination with the communities and the students that VISIONS enrolls want to make a difference. It is fulfilling to mentor them.

If you are looking for a job where you can open your eyes to how other parts of the world live, while becoming a better leader and human being, I would highly recommend VISIONS as a summer job. Having finished my second summer with VISIONS, I feel like more than just an employee, but a part of the family. I have established incredible relationships both with the home office and with our community partners and friends in the DR.”

–Georgia Calimeres (3 consecutive summers)


VISIONS is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of VISIONS not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability or status as a protected veteran. The nondiscrimination policy applies to all employment actions and all aspects of VISIONS programs, including enrollment and financial aid, training and local and international partnerships.


*All leader positions have been filled for the 2024 season!
We will open the application for summer 2025 positions this August

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