Summer Leaders

VISIONS summer leaders are the backbone of our successful teen community service programs. We seek exceptional people who are hard-working and spirited. Our leader teams are comprised of individuals who are respectful of other cultures, have good judgement, and are positive role models for teenagers. Typical teams include teachers, graduate students, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, outdoor educators, carpenters and adventurers.

A VISIONS leader is a team player first and foremost. We maintain a 1 to 4 or 5 leader to student ratio, including the Program Director. We place leaders in VISIONS program locations where their skills are the best fit, and also keeping in mind complementary leadership styles for a well-rounded team.

Most summer leaders are mid-20s to mid-30s, with a minimum age of 22 and no upper age limit. Leaders must be First Aid and CPR certified before employment begins, and more advanced medical certifications can bolster an application. Solid Spanish or French skills are required for our language immersion sites.


Leader training begins Sunday, June 17th in Bozeman, Montana, and leaders are responsible for their own travel to Bozeman. VISIONS then flies leaders from training to their program sites on June 20th or 21st. On-site training and preparations continue for at least one week until the participants arrive. Employment ends late-July to mid-August, depending on the site.


You may apply at any time. Our first interviews take place January through in-person or video calls, and the next interviews typically take place in early March if positions remain available.


There are still a few positions remaining for the 2018 season, although primarily limited to people with carpentry experience, advanced medical training (WFR, EMT), or men with strong French or Spanish language skills. Applications are kept on file for the next season, as well, so we encourage you to apply even though there may not be a space for this summer.