Dominican Republic

Program Itineraries


If you’re wondering what makes the Dominican Republic a unique program for VISIONS, look no further than the three decade-long relationship we’ve shared with local partners, and the power and depth that brings to your experience. 

Far from the tourist path, your time in the D.R. is geared toward experiencing community, making a real difference while rooted in one place, and unlocking dimensions of yourself that will serve you for the rest of your life. 

There are few cultures in the Western Hemisphere that match the vivaciousness of the D.R. Pressures of school and the rigor of our North American ways dissolve as you throw yourself into the playfulness of being in community and among friends. 

The 19-day program will give you the deepest dive into the culture, language and projects, but you can’t make a wrong decision with any amount of time you decide to spend with VISIONS in the Dominican Republic!



Celebrating 35 Years