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Resources for Enrolled Families


We are done with our “program prep” webinars for this season. If you weren’t able to attend, then please take the time to “login” from the button on this page to make sure you have completed everything. Also carefully & thoroughly read every section of your “program page” to the right. Read everything and make sure that you take special note of the packing guidelines & packing list as soon as possible. Take care of getting any needed items sooner than later — all of the information you need to prepare is on those pages. If you are going to Montana and wish to rent gear (see packing list), you will want to reserve it soon!

Our attention is focused on the programs, leader training, and providing a safe and fulfilling experience for kids this summer. You can help us by preparing now and going through everything. If you have additional questions, please also read our FAQ page if you haven’t already. Thank you!


The login page is for the primary parent/guardian of VISIONS high school and middle school participants (not Gap) to complete program paperwork.


Everything that participants & parents need to prepare & pack for a VISIONS program.