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High School Service Program


British Virgin Islands 1
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British Virgin Islands 2
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British Virgin Islands 3
July 28 – August 3 | 7 Days
25 Service Hrs | $2,590

Jump into an introduction to volunteer work and cultural exchange on the wondrous island of Virgin Gorda. You’ll be charmed by local hospitality and taken by the backdrop of island mountains and Caribbean beaches. Service projects, outings and cultural activities will make you want to return the following summer for an even longer experience!

  • Caribbean Immersion, Island Culture
  • Hikes, Swimming, Scuba & Snorkeling
  • Carpentry, Maintenance Projects & Work With Children


“I have done other summer programs, but VISIONS was so much better for me. I’ve never encountered the feeling… and working so closely with local people. I feel it caused a major change in my views.”

—Kyle Edwin

From the beat of island tunes to the sweet flavors of coconut bread and an easy-going culture, our friends in the BVI make it easy to feel at home.

Friends Become Family

Within its 8.5 square miles, Virgin Gorda abounds with friends and vibrant landscapes. The proud Caribbean heritage energizes every day of our teen summer programs. VISIONS has worked in the BVI since 1992 and we are deeply ingrained in island culture. You will be welcomed like an old friend—hanging out with project partners and relaxing into island time.

Not only will you get to know some of our local partners, but you’ll be joined by other teens who have come to the BVI to make a difference while immersing in a new culture.



“It was amazing! I had fun doing the work and accomplished a good amount of projects. I loved the recreational activities. The beach and snorkeling were my favorites. I thought it was great. I had so much fun, and I wish I could do it all over again.”

—Ivan Boyers

Volcanic islands rising from clear blue water and fringed with white sand, the BVI are breathtakingly beautiful and culturally rich.


We end work most days around 2 pm and then the afternoons and evenings are filled with activities. We swim, snorkel and do an introductory scuba dive at some stellar reefs. You’ll hike up Gorda Peak, from where you can see almost the entire length of the Virgin Islands archipelago, and take other island hikes. There’s time to explore small markets, take in amazing sunsets and eat traditional foods.

Teen volunteers will participate in our own BVI Olympics and swim at the island’s famous batholiths, which are giant boulders created by volcanic eruptions and known as “The Baths.” There’s a lot to pack in, but we do our best and you won’t be disappointed by what Virgin Gorda has to offer.


  • Scuba Dive At Incredible Reefs (9-day programs)
  • Guided Tour & Snorkeling At Mangroves
  • Swim At The Baths Volcanic Rock Pools
  • Explore The Abandoned Coastal Copper Mine
  • Hike To Scenic Outlooks, Gorda Peak & 99 Steps
Volunteers in British Virgin Islands


“Not only did the work projects make me feel immensely proud but also learning about the beautiful island around me was life-changing.”

—Cecilia Boyers

Service Matters

Your work in the BVI will include carpentry and maintenance projects at local schools that need assistance, as well as making improvements to local parks and a community center. We also work with children at an educational day camp and assist with animal welfare when the opportunity arises.

There are multiple worksites on each of the work days, and you’ll be able to experience them all.


We live in a community center attached to St. Mary’s, a proud Caribbean Episcapalian church that’s been part of island life for decades. Views of the ocean can be seen in all directions.

On a hilltop in what’s known as “The Valley” of Virgin Gorda, we make our home. Island breezes keep us cool and we eat our meals outside on picnic tables. Most destinations are walkable, which also allows us to interact with folks while en route to projects or the nearby beach. We also load up in vehicles to explore near and far across the island, taking in views and starting to see familiar faces along the way.

Read more about our BVI home away from home and also check out images from our photo gallery.


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