VISIONS has worked in the British Virgin Islands for 27 years, and the community needs our help now more than ever before. Hurricanes Irma and Maria left our home island of Tortola in a desperate situation. Relief efforts and rebuilding will take a long time, and we are anxious to do our part with the help of capable and determined teens. Our local partners await, and as always, look forward to giving us a warm island welcome as we take on the work together.


June 26 to July 20 $5650

July 25 to August 10 $4150

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You will be part of the major efforts to rebuild and regroup after destruction wrought by the hurricanes. Projects will include working on homes and community buildings, and work will be directed by VISIONS carpenters. We will also spend time with local youth clubs on the island.


Community members on Tortola are working hard to repair their island and their homes. Every additional effort and set of hands makes an impact. Your work will help with the physical needs of rebuilding, and you will also be part of the esprit de corps by showing up and demonstrating that you care.


We work hard, but also make time to explore the natural beauty for which the islands are known. You will have opportunities to snorkel at incredible reefs, go on a scuba dive, hike mountainous trails to scenic overlooks, swim at the famous “Baths” on Virgin Gorda, and more.


Community service in the British Virgin Islands takes on new weight when an entire community is rebuilding from natural disasters. You will be welcomed by VISIONS partner organizations such as the Red Cross, the Humane Society, and the National Parks Trust. Your work will be guided by staff carpenters as you learn some of the skills necessary for construction projects, including safely using power tools.

We will also continue our work with local organic farmers, who are an important piece of sustainable development and food production on the island. And for our teens who enjoy working with children, we partner with a youth club and the Rainbow House, which provides educational and recreation opportunities for local kids.


VISIONS has worked with many local nonprofits and grassroots organizations in the BVI over the years. One of our primary partners for summer 2018 will be the BVI Red Cross, which has been instrumental in organizing housing relief and other aid after the hurricanes.


Our time is filled with opportunities to interact with community members and to be a part of Tortola’s island culture. In addition to the immersion experience that comes naturally by being grounded in the community, we schedule activities for after work, evenings and weekends. You will participate in workshops with artisans and musicians, make island smoothies, attend festivals, host a Rastafarian guest speaker, and have a chance for pickup basketball and games with neighbor friends. We listen to steel drum music on the beach and enjoy some competition in island scavenger hunts. Throw in a perfect ocean sunset, and the stage is set for an unforgettable summer.



We live and work on Tortola, the commercial center, capital, and largest island of the BVI. From the top of Sage Mountain—the highest point in the BVI—to the coral reefs below sea level, Tortola is a diverse and inviting Caribbean oasis. Friendships forged during our two decades of summer programs in the island’s friendly communities mean that teen volunteers are warmly welcomed year after year.

The BVI was one of VISIONS first international programs, and we are honored by the connections we have made, spanning more than 20 years. The first house we built was for Miss Ivy, an elderly woman who had gone mostly blind, but still helped choose the colors for her new home. This would be the first of many large projects over the seasons, and the start of relationship building with the vibrant local community. Environmental issues have become as pressing as housing needs on Tortola, and some of our work assists the National Parks Trust while also focusing on construction and carpentry for homes and organizations across the island.

Searching out the best coral reefs becomes a summer adventure, as extraordinary snorkeling opportunities exist at just about every beach. We sail away to nearby islands on the White Squall and SCUBA with the island’s most trusted dive company. Tortola is a mountainous island, and the picturesque panoramic views from the top of Sage Mountain will be imprinted in your memory for a long time. We explore the capital of Road Town with its markets, music, and traditional foods, and even take a ferry to nearby Virgin Gorda to swim at the famous “Baths.”



We live together as a group in a community center in one of the island’s neighborhoods. There are bathrooms and showers, kitchen facilities, and everything we need to make it our temporary home.

Service projects take place five days a week and finish by mid-afternoon to beat the heat. You typically get to choose between three different worksites each day, often making considerable progress in a short time. Once a week, you will be on “homebase crew” with a few other participants and a leader. The crew makes breakfast for the group, runs errands and buys food for the next meals, does laundry, and enjoys a “day in the life.”

After work is for beach time, island hikes, exploring Road Town, games with local kids, spending time with neighbors, and occasional downtime to relax before dinner. In addition to after-work activities, we have exciting full-day excursions that take advantage of our amazing Caribbean surroundings.

Meals are varied, plentiful, and with meat and vegetarian options. Miss Carol is our dinner cook, and knows our tastes well after cooking for VISIONS groups for more than 20 years! A few evenings a week, we have group meetings that last about an hour and are a time to reflect on the volunteer and cultural experience. Other nights we’ll hang out as a group, prepare for the next day’s projects, or go into Roadtown for an event.

VISIONS is not a teen tour with a day-to-day travel itinerary. Instead we settle in to our home base and are part of daily life. The itinerary provides an overview of some of the highlights, keeping in mind that most every day includes cultural any recreation activities.


First Day

  • Arrivals & Welcome!

During Trip

  • Orientation & Worksite Training
  • First Full Day of Worksites
  • SCUBA Training & 4th of July BBQ
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Virgin Gorda “Baths”
  • Family & Neighbor Visits
  • Island Boating Trip
  • Community Goodbyes

Last Day

  • Departures


  • Flights are to Beef Island, an extension of Tortola. Or, you may fly to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, and be picked up by a VISIONS chaperone for the ferry ride to Tortola. VISIONS leaders pick each participant up at the airport.
  • Parents receive a phone call or email once their child is met by leaders at the airport. After that, phone calls home are generally limited to once a week.
  • Our home is a community center where our teen volunteers and leaders live together as a group. Boys and girls sleep in separate rooms and VISIONS provides thick foam floor mattresses. You will bring your own sheets and pillow.
  • VISIONS has a 1 to 4 or 5 leader to student ratio, one of the best ratios among summer programs. The maximum group size is 25, and programs are gender-balanced. Most participants attend alone, and no more than two friends may attend a program together.
  • We emphasize an inclusive group dynamic. Things like age and grade become less important on a VISIONS program. We eat most meals and do most activities as a large group, and we break into small rotating groups for workdays.
  • Details such as a packing list, travel notes, and health forms are provided upon enrollment through login web pages. The process is straightforward and we are here to help. VISIONS travel agent books flights, which are not included with tuition.
  • Teen volunteers receive 80 community service hours for session 1 or 55 hours for session 2. Youth summer camp program for ages 14 – 18.

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We'd be happy to get you in touch with a parent whose child has already been through one of our programs.