Covid-19 FAQs

Covid-19 FAQs

Covid-19 FAQs

How is VISIONS handling Covid-19?
VISIONS successfully ran summer and Gap programs in 2020 and 2021 with Covid-19 protocols in place. We are offering approximately 60% of our usual programs for 2022, as we are taking prudent steps for the wellbeing of participants and community members alike. We consult with our risk management specialist and peer organizations, and follow updates from the World Health Organization and CDC

What are the entry requirements for program locations?
Some destinations require a negative test and/or proof of vaccine. Please see ‘Pre-Departure Covid Details’ under MY PROGRAM FAQ’S to find specific details regarding entry requirments for each program. 

Please note that VISIONS would also like all students to take an at home antigen rapid test the day before flying to their program. Submitting the results to VISIONS is not required, however we would like all students to take the test in good faith.

Is VISIONS requiring Covid-19 vaccines for 2022 programs?
VISIONS requires program participants to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and provide vaccine proof prior to the program start date. Boosters are required if the final vaccine dose in the primary series is outside of 5 months prior to program start date. Participants will be required to send a copy of their covid vaccine cards to the VISIONS office. Any vaccine exemption must be bona fide and discussed with VISIONS before confirming program registration.

VISIONS will accept vaccines authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or World Health Organization (WHO). Other vaccines may be added to this list as the situation evolves. 

  • Pfizer-BioN Tech 
  • Moderna 
  • Johnson & Johnson/Janssen 
  • Astra Zeneca 

What are the entry requirements for program locations?
Some destinations require a negative test and/or proof of vaccine. Travel restrictions will likely evolve before summer and we will adjust and keep families updated accordingly.

What if a student gets Covid-19 while on a program?
We will follow our Covid-19 response protocols as well as the health requirements of the program location. This may mean quarantine in a hotel. VISIONS provides support, but it may also be recommended for a parent or guardian to travel to the program location to provide additional support. Other participants and close contact community members would also be tested. 

What is the refund policy as it relates to Covid-19?
Please read more about tuition deadlines and refunds on our FAQ page.

More Information
We are very much looking forward to being able to connect again and to provide the opportunity for participants to interact with each other, our leaders and community friends. The service and adventure are as relevant as ever, but we know that the community-building and connection part of VISIONS programs are the threads that bind everything else together for a powerful and fulfilling summer. 

Feel free to contact us via email at or at 406.551.4423 if you would like more information on our approach to Covid-19.