Covid-19 FAQs

Covid-19 FAQs

Covid-19 FAQs

Is VISIONS requiring Covid-19 vaccines for 2023 programs?

At this time, VISIONS is following each host community’s entry requirements regarding Covid vaccines. Vaccines and testing are currently not required for the 2023 season at any of our program locations, but families should be open to changes should the global situation or on-site protocols change.  

Arriving Healthy

Participants should do their best to arrive to the program healthy and prepared for a group experience. If a participant is symptomatic before a program, they should get tested. If they test positive within five days of the program start date, they may need to cancel their program and submit for a tuition refund through trip insurance, if it was purchased. 

How is VISIONS handling Covid and other communicable illnesses during the program?

VISIONS meets regularly with peer organizations and risk management consultants, and we follow updates from the World Health Organization and CDC. We are also in ongoing communication with our local community partners for their input. 

We are optimistic that 2023 programs will not be negatively impacted by Covid-19. Currently, we do not plan on actively testing or monitoring participant temperatures and instead plan to treat for symptoms if they occur. Rigorous hand washing and sanitation protocols are in place at all program sites. 

VISIONS continues to focus on the power of connecting with others and having an experience of shared goals and accomplishments. We will eat well, get the sleep we need, spend the majority of our time outside and practice proper hygiene. We recognize the importance of emotional and physical health of participants, leaders and community members—and striking the balance has been a strength of VISIONS over three decades. 

What if a student tests positive Covid while on a program?

We will follow our Covid-19 response protocols, the CDC recommendations, and health requirements of the program location. This may mean quarantine in a hotel. VISIONS provides support, but it may also be required that a parent or guardian travel to the program. 

What is the refund policy as it relates to Covid-19?

Please read more about tuition deadlines and refunds on our FAQ page.

More Information

We are very much looking forward to connecting again and providing the opportunity for participants to interact with each other, our leaders and community friends. The service and adventure are as relevant as ever, but we know that the community-building and connection part of VISIONS programs are the threads that bind everything else together for a powerful and fulfilling summer. 

Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or at 406.551.4423 if you would like more information on our approach to Covid-19.