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We are thrilled to welcome Katie Mayernik back to VISIONS, where she will direct the British Virgin Islands program!

Katie has stretched the divides of rural and urban, American and international. Born and raised in a small town in Montana, she developed a love of nature at a young age. Whether at her family’s cabin or on their farm, her exploration of wild places was an invaluable experience and has become an integral part of who she is.

While studying at Montana State University, Katie participated in a college exchange and went to Hilo, Hawaii. It was there that the love of travel and distant places began. After receiving a BS in Health Promotion, she traveled abroad in Europe before returning to Montana to work as the assistant aquatics director for Eagle Mount, an organization that provides and teaches recreation activities for people with disabilities or cancer.

In 2011, Katie made a life-changing move to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she taught English for three years. Additionally, she owned and directed a swimming program for children. In her spare time, Katie volunteered at an orphanage, practiced yoga, traveled the country, and continuously delved into the cuisine of Vietnam.

All of this led to her desire to have a deeper understanding of the world’s differences—and similarities. She traveled to Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Greece. She eventually landed in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where she currently works, lives, and continues to travel with her husband, Pat.

This will be Katie’s second summer with VISIONS in the British Virgin Islands, where she looks forward to sharing some of the rich cultural perspectives, service projects, and adventures with this summer’s teens. Katie will be joined by her full team of qualified leaders, including VISIONS veteran and carpenter from our Mississippi program, Geza Tokes, and two to three other adult leaders.

Check out the BVI page if you’d like to work alongside Katie this summer!