**If you are mailing a check or sending an international wire, please follow the instructions listed below this form.**

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If you would like to make an additional payment, it will go to the VISIONS Foundation with 100% of the funds serving low-income students who would like to participate in experiences like these. Every year VISIONS Service Adventures provides scholarships to approximately 15% of our participants. We would like to reach more kids who have economic barriers, but our capacity has been diminished as a result of the pandemic. Any amount beyond your tuition is tax deductible and immensely appreciated! Learn more: www.visions-foundation.org

Payment Information

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We strongly encourage purchasing trip cancellation insurance in order to help protect your investment. The deadline to purchase some plans is the date by which you make final tuition payment. Please read more here, where you will also see a link to purchase a plan if you so choose.

If you are mailing a check or sending an international wire, follow the instructions below and also notify the VISIONS office by emailing us at info@visionsserviceadventures.com.

Mail checks to:

VISIONS Service Adventures
203 North Church Avenue
Bozeman, MT, 59715
*Checks should be written out to VISIONS Service Adventures

International Bank Wire Details:

Bank Name: Wells Fargo
Bank Address: 211 Main Street, Bozeman, MT 59715
Account Name: Service Adventures International, LLC
Account Number: 6246245986
ABA: 121000248