A month with VISIONS digging, mixing concrete and starting the construction of a community center was just the beginning for Ginny Ulichney, a teen volunteer of VISIONS Nicaragua last summer.

Ginny returned home with the desire to do even more for our host community. She saw the effective work of VISIONS partner organization, AVODEC. She also made good friends with community members who she hoped to assist in some way. So Ginny made fudge—lots of it—and raised $1,600 to support AVODEC’s work. Knowing Ginny, we were far from surprised, and certainly impressed.

After my summer program in Nicaragua, I felt I had an obligation to help the people of Jinotega who taught me so much, more than I can adequately put into words. I knew I could not simply return home and continue life normally without giving a thought to the people who I had come to know so well, and who made my summer so rewarding.

I also feel anyone has the ability to make a positive impact on the world, no matter how small it may be. Although sending a few hundred dollars to Jinotega may not have a huge impact on the world overall, I know it will make a big difference to the people there. Through fund raising, I feel I am able to keep my experience in Nicaragua a part of my life, and that I am still able to give back even though I am not physically working on the project there anymore.

—Ginny Ulichney

VISIONS and AVODEC thank Ginny for her hard work and big heart. We also are happy to welcome Ginny back this summer to VISIONS Ghana!

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