Name: Jarin Mandros

Hometown & current location: Green River, Wyoming

Relationship to VISIONS: British Virgin Islands 2017 Participant, Ecuador 2018 Participant


What is it like to walk in your shoes every day?

My life revolves around swimming, I am now the captain of the high school team. Every day I wake up, lift weights, go to school, do homework and hang out with my friends. Every day is pretty much the same, but I am always focused and ready to make the next day better than the one before.

What was most memorable about your VISIONS experience?

Most memorable would be the community and being able to help people firsthand. I am on the National Honor Society, and we do service but it is not as noticed or even cared for here. Going to the BVI made me love doing service and made me want to get others involved.


What does the word community mean to you?

Community means family, or a sort of family. My hometown is very small so I know everyone here and would be more than willing to help any of them. Community is something that everyone needs in their life, a sense of someone having their back.

What did the VISIONS experience teach you about yourself?

VISIONS taught me how much I love to give to others. It also taught me to appreciate what I have at home. Seeing people in need and who do not have everything that they want makes me cherish everything that my friends and family do for me.


In what ways, big or small, would you like to change the world?

I want to make people notice. We are all so focused on our own things and we never realize what is happening with the people around us. Giving back to the community is something very important to me and I would like to get as many people involved as I can.

What would you like to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for being kind. There are so many uncaring people out in the world and I want people to remember how loving and giving I am.


What would you like to say to other members of the VISIONS community?

I would like to say thank you! Through this program and these people I have grown into a new person, one I have wanted to be. I look forward to coming back this summer.

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