David Ronn

Peru Director

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures

Dave was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and although he’s spent a few years abroad, he still calls Austin home. Here, you can usually find him playing guitar, enjoying a game of Ultimate Frisbee, doing improv or practicing a foreign language.

With a degree in economics from Brandeis University, Dave has worked as a solar panel analyst, software developer and English teacher. He currently works for a theater-based education program that helps first graders learn how to resolve problems. He believes strongly in the importance of serving others, a value he put into practice when he volunteered at a refugee camp in Calais, France.

Dave first experienced VISIONS when he participated in the Alaska program as a teenager in 2006. He returned to VISIONS as a leader on the Peru program in 2016, and then directed the Guadeloupe program in 2017. And he keeps coming back to help teenagers discover the importance of seeing the world and learning about other cultures—and getting their hands dirty in the process. Dave is excited to return to Peru this summer, where he will be joined by his eager and dedicated team.