Montana Montana Blackfeet Posted: August 10th, 2015

VISIONS Montana Blackfeet Indian Reservation session II teen volunteers are heading towards the end of their two-week summer service program on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Located in the reservation town of Browning, Montana, on the edge of scenic Glacier National Park, one of the main community service projects includes building infrastructure in a community garden that will eventually be used for growing produce for community members to sell at area farmers’ markets and for a nutrition program at a nearby school. Other projects include building a wheelchair ramp for a community elder and helping to prepare for and set up a traditional community sun ceremony, which they were also invited to attend. The Montana II group has also had the opportunity to explore the natural surroundings with a backpacking trip and visits to swimming holes in Glacier National Park. Evenings are spent at their home base on the nearby Flat Iron Conservation Ranch, where games of Ultimate Frisbee and “What are the Odds” are a favorite. The Montana adventure wraps up on August 14.

NOTE: We don’t post regular updates due to the busy and living-in-the-moment nature of our programs, as well as our desire to remain largely “unplugged” from technology in order to be fully “plugged in” to daily life. For a look at the projects that were lined up for the other VISIONS 2015 summer program locations, go here.