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This summer was all about water for VISIONS Nicaragua 2016. And that meant moving a lot of dirt. Our local partners made great use of the energy and extra hands made available by the VISIONS crew to complete service projects that improved the quality of water in our host community and the surrounding valley.

Participants on the program built a blackwater system at an elder’s home to help improve sanitation. That work included digging a 330-foot trench, building and installing cinder block junction boxes, laying tubing, and covering the trenches with dirt for final completion.

The group built a two-toilet unidad sanitaria ecologica (ecological toilet) at Las Pilas cemetery. They dug trenches and holes for the foundation, mixed and poured cement, constructed cinder block and mortar walls, and installed the roof. The students also began work on a potable water system to provide clean drinking water in the community of Las Pilas by picking and shoveling a 1300’ trench, with work to be completed in upcoming seasons.

Can you picture yourself working on this project or one like it? VISIONS has two sessions in Nicaragua during the summer of 2017. There’s much more work to be done in Jinotega, and we’d love to have your help.

Visit our Nicaragua program page for more details on a summer adventure like nothing else. Ready to dig in? Start an application today!