Announcing the 2016 Season & 28 Years of Teen Summer Service Programs

VISIONS Service Adventures has officially launched the 2016 summer season; the program dates have been set, and the online application is now open.

A VISIONS summer means closing the textbooks and experiencing life. By immersing yourself in a different culture, you’ll break out of the boundaries that define your current school and social life and work on projects that create positive change in the world and in you. You’ll get things done and be the reason someone smiles.

VISIONS programs are based on a model of service, cultural exploration, and adventure. It’s a summer experience based on a group of teen volunteers coming together, working hard, learning about a new community and each other, and exploring the landscapes and people that make that community unique. By living together, with peers who share an eagerness to see the world and spark change, a camaraderie is built, memories are made, and change occurs not only within the communities but within the participants.

 The VISIONS model has worked towards creating life-changing summers for the past 28 years. Although our program locations, communities, and landscapes are as varied as the people we meet along the way, the VISIONS model is the common thread. Many alums join us year after year in different program locations, enjoying the familiarity of the VISIONS philosophies while exploring new people and parts of the world.

Isn’t it time to get into the real world and find the real you? Start your VISIONS application now, and think of all the places you can go.

VISIONS in The New York Times