Your Impact Lives On

Here’s a look at just a few of the accomplishments VISIONS teens have collectively made

Do you remember the moments when you poured your heart into a summer service project, not quite knowing the impact it would have? As we reflect on past accomplishments, it’s inspiring to see how these efforts have blossomed and left a lasting legacy.

VISIONS Montana Blackfeet

Montana Blackfeet Reservation

One of the remarkable projects VISIONS teen volunteers have been able to be part of on the Montana Blackfeet Indian Reservation is the expansion of the tribe’s buffalo herd, which has attracted widespread media attention and inspired a documentary film, Bring Them Home. Fencing plays a crucial role in this endeavor, and VISIONS high school students have contributed by installing miles of fences in collaboration with local partners at the Blackfeet Nation Buffalo Program. Among our inspiring partners is Chazz Racine, a national champion Indian Relay Racer!

For almost 20 years, VISIONS teens have also been summer caretakers for the Yellow Bird Woman Sanctuary, a conservation ranch that was initiated by the late Elouise Cobell, a modern day hero for Native people.

Other projects over the years have included wheelchair ramps for elders, housing improvements, environmental initiatives, and so much more. If you are among the hundreds of Montana VISIONS alumni, thank you for your contributions and we hope the power of the Blackfeet Nation continues to endure in your life.

Check out some of the photo albums of Montana programs through the years.

Teen volunteers with school children at camp in the Dominican Republic
VISIONS Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Our Dominican Project Coordinator, Santos Ramos, reflected on VISIONS impact in the Dominican Republic and emphasized the wave of positive changes sparked by high school volunteers’ dedication. Through initiatives like classroom construction, VISIONS participants have enabled more than 3,500 children to receive an education (every year!) in the schools they’ve helped build with local partners.

VISIONS D.R. alumni have also directed campamento (summer youth camps), built homes, a medical clinic, community centers, and school cafeterias, just to name a few of the accomplishments.

In a country like the D.R., where community participation is outstanding, and where local needs are also numerable, our alumni have not only made an impact but they’ve had a fun and fulfilling time doing it! 

Teen volunteers in Peru pass cement to each other while working on irrigation


In Peru, Indigenous Quechua communities face challenges in preserving their agricultural livelihood due to water scarcity. For more than a decade, VISIONS teens have collaborated with local communities to construct miles of canales (water canals), significantly enhancing access to water for crops.

The project is such a success that every year we receive more and more requests from these farming communities to help with water projects for their communities, as well. Which is exactly what we continue to do! New VISIONS teens carry the torch every summer, expanding the impact and continuing the thread of local friendships and collaboration.

And if you’re an alum of VISIONS Peru, you probably remember Nico Jara, one of our incredible project coordinators. He’s been with us since 1999, and continues to guide our programs today.


Teen and young volunteer level lumber in BVI
VISIONS British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

VISIONS in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) still fuses carpentry and social service projects. From assisting Valley Day School with infrastructure improvements to enhancing playground facilities, participants engage in hands-on initiatives that directly benefit under-resourced communities.

As we celebrate these accomplishments, it’s important to recognize that all of these accomplishments, and so many others, would not have been possible without you and your time with VISIONS. Your contributions have left an indelible mark on communities worldwide.

Thank you for being part of this journey.

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