For almost 30 years, VISIONS has provided exceptional community service programs in locations around the world. Your desire to be part of meaningful projects can take you anywhere, including VISIONS four locations in the United States: Alaska, Mississippi, Montana Blackfeet and Montana Northern Cheyenne Reservations.


  1. To live among descendants of America’s indigenous people and discover their traditions firsthand through conversations and during work similar to the Montana Northern Cheyenne Senior Center project.
  2. To come under the spell of the Deep South in Mississippi without even realizing that you are being enchanted.
  3. To wake up in the morning, walk out into the crisp air, and see nothing but nature and the majestic peaks of Glacier National Park while living at a conservation ranch on the Montana Blackfeet.
  4. To see amazing wildlife and help with conservation projects at the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.
  5. To work hard on things of value while you learn construction skills from staff carpenters, play with children, plant a community garden, and do other diverse projects.
  6. To canoe Turkey Creek in Mississippi and see the “graceful curves, reflected images, woody heights, soft distances; and… the dissolving lights…with new marvels of coloring.” [Mark Twain, Two Ways of Seeing a River].
  7. To taste Mississippi’s cathead biscuits, sweet tea and cajun-fried fish, or Alaska’s fry bread, fresh salmon, wild berry jam, buffalo or moose steak.
  8. To be inside a sweat lodge or steam bath, hot and soothing at the same time, and marvel at how good your body feels afterward.
  9. To explore ghost towns and ancient fishing sites, waterfalls and buffalo jumps, powwows and rodeos; and to hear jazz and zydeco, country music and native drumming.
  10. To feel at home wherever you go in the U.S. with people who share their lives and work along with you on projects; to discover the history you never knew, and to embrace the diversity and beauty of your own country.

VISIONS in The New York Times