1. Live where endless landscapes offer new perspective, replacing hordes, white noise and pressures of school, college apps and keeping up.

2. Stop dead in your tracks to watch moose on the roadside or caribou moving across the road right in front of you. To see bald eagles up close and huge salmon sailing into old-time fish wheel bins in fast-flowing rivers.

3. Befriend people who marry modern technology with generational skill at fishing, smoking salmon, hunting moose and caribou, snaring and trapping smaller fur-bearing animals, who seem to draw quiet peace and good humor from the landscape that surrounds them.

4. Be where the sun never sets and days turn to dusk but never night.

5. Gaze on the infinitude of a living glacier.

6. Climb that glacier and peer down into pure blue crevasses from a safe perch.

7. Feel at home at once with people who quietly welcome you and willingly share their lives, history, and traditions.

8. Explore ghost towns, ancient fishing sites and mountain vistas that blow your mind.

9. Experience an Athabascan steam and how amazingly good it feels.

10. Work hard with your hands for your hosts building something of use to them, harvesting and dragging logs out of the woods; making meals with the community, playing with the kids, snuggling with puppies, beading and drumming with elders, hangin’ with your new friends while time just flows—with no past or future.

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