Top 10 Ways to Survive Without Technology

Top 10 Ways to Survive Without Technology

Traveling, volunteering abroad, or simply being in our own home environments are vastly enriched experiences for both teens and adults when we disconnect from technology.

Spotlight: Hilary Moses, VISIONS ALUM

Spotlight: Hilary Moses, VISIONS ALUM

VISIONS alum, Hilary Moses, reflects on the high school summer program that influenced her educational and professional tracks towards becoming a therapist of adolescents.

Where We Live

Where We Live

While service work is at the root of each teen service program, it’s in equal measure with cultural immersion that transcends the experience of an average tourist. In all of our homes away from home, we live very much as local people do, and we are part of the fabric of daily life.

VISIONS x 4: Jacob Rosen

Jacob Rosen is a four-time VISIONS teen volunteer, and he is currently pursuing a degree from Ithaca College in New York. Jacob is an alumnus of Alaska ‘12, Peru ‘13, Nicaragua ‘14, and Cambodia ‘15. Throughout my high school career, I spent my summers exploring...

The Same, but Completely Different: Repeat Summers with VISIONS

Molly Povich is a VISIONS all-star. She has been to three very different summer community service programs, including travel to Cambodia, Ecuador and Montana’s Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. Recently she took some time to reflect on the similarities and...

Service: More than a Checkbox on a Resume

The debate over whether teens should use their summer community service travel programs as material for college essays has been ongoing ever since “voluntourism” became a mainstream activity.  A VISIONS teen alum was recently featured in Newton North (MA)...

Building a Home & New Life for Miss Carol

Many of you made donations this past year to help with a home rebuild for Miss Carol, our cook of 25 years in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Carol has been our cook for teen volunteers every summer, but also a “house mom” and close friend. She gets to know our...

Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk

Travel Tips: VISIONS Alumni Share Their Best Tips from Summer Programs If you’ve traveled for a VISIONS Service Adventures program before, you understand how much you can learn from a summer away from home. Yes, service projects are at the core. But...

Two VISIONS Summers, Two Very Different Cultures

Lizzie Edwards, a high school student and teen volunteer from Portland, Oregon, recently wrapped up a summer service adventure with VISIONS Ecuador & Galapagos. It was her second VISIONS summer, and a world away from her first program in Cambodia. Next up? Myanmar...

LA Times Spotlights VISIONS and Mississippi Alum

The following article featuring VISIONS and Mississippi alum Yongqi Xu is from the Los Angeles Times. Wanderlust Lands Irvine Teen in Hurricane Katrina-Devastated Areas August 28, 2015 When Irvine resident Yongqi Xu was in search of a summer adventure, she knew she...