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In true Alaska form, the VISIONS Alaska teen volunteers have taken in the strong combination of carpentry worksites, cultural activities with our friends in Tetlin Village, and outdoor recreation. This past weekend the group did the two-night overnight backpacking trip in the Wrangell Mountains, not too far from our homebase.

Pictured here is most of the group when they stopped by our friend Davina’s salmon fish camp on the Tazlina River. Kids toured her hand-built traditional smokehouse where fish and other meats are smoked for winter storage, and also the fish wheel, which is a typical way of catching fish in Alaska. Davina, her husband and kids are pictured in the back.

Other pictures include a hike with our community friend, Yvonne John, to cut birch for making birch baskets; part of the group at the Kenicott mine; picking fireweed flowers to make fireweed jelly (the flowers are bright purple and tasty); and one of our worksites, where kids are building a fish weir.