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Stacy Bodow

Staffing Coordinator

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures

Few individuals have been as unifying a force in VISIONS as Stacy, whose first summer in the field was 1997. Stacy has led programs in Dominica, the BVI, Alaska, and Australia. Stacy plays a central role in VISIONS week-long, intensive training of summer directors and leaders. She also helps to coordinate projects and assemble leader teams around the year to ensure that our programs are as impactful as they can be. Stacy has a Masters in International and Developmental Education from the University of Pittsburgh, and she continues to live in Pittsburgh with her husband and two children.

During the year when Stacy isn’t leading VISIONS staff training, she serves as the Community Engagement Manager for Global Links, an international nonprofit that provides medical aid and materials to resource-poor communities. Global Links’ innovative model also serves the environment by keeping useful surplus materials out of landfills and into clinics around the world. Through her work with Global Links, Stacy has helped to distribute some needed medical supplies to VISIONS partner communities, as well.

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures