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Spanish Immersion & Service Programs in the Dominican Republic & Peru

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Join an enriching journey of language and cultural immersion with VISIONS. Our programs in the Dominican Republic and Peru offer a unique blend of community service, adventure, and language learning.

Dominican Republic & Peru Programs

  • Experience Real-World Spanish Immersion: Dive into a learning experience where Spanish comes to life beyond textbooks. Our programs offer an authentic setting to enhance your language skills through daily interactions, cultural immersion, and engaging with local communities.


  • Impactful Community Service: Make a difference with hands-on projects that matter. Earn 40 to 100 service hours contributing to initiatives that deeply impact the communities you’ll serve. From water conservation to constructing classrooms, your work helps lay the foundation for lasting change.


  • Cultural Exchange & Adventure: Embrace the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean or the Andes. Explore local traditions, participate in community activities, and connect with residents, gaining an enriched understanding of the world. Weekends bring adventures, travel, a day stay with local families, and more.


  • Personal Growth & Global Awareness: Develop skills in leadership, teamwork, and cross-cultural communication. Our immersive programs challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, fostering independence, confidence, and a broader worldview.

“He loved it. It was wonderful for him to feel useful, speak Spanish, make friends with young and old people. Eat rice and beans, local cuisine, new fruits. Be in nature. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Again, we felt so at ease. What you do is good is so good for these kids.”

Kate Shephard

Get Ready to Make an Impact

  • 35 years of teen summer service programs
  • 10,000+ teens served
  • 1500+ construction projects
  • Countless hours of social & environmental service
  • Unforgettable memories that last a lifetime
  • New York Times Top 5 Summer Programs for Teens That Teach Empathy Through Community Service

VISIONS - Empowering Teens Through Service and Language Immersion

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