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Construction Projects

Teens Served

Teaching Empathy Through Community-Building

We are proud to be listed by the New York Times as a Top 5 Summer Program for Teens. Most importantly, we are proud of the impact our programs have on our partner communities and on the teens who share in the journey.

Cultural Immersion

Be part of a unique & powerful immersion experience, ceremonies & celebrations.

Impactful Projects

Team up with VISIONS teens & Blackfeet partners on carpentry, work with children & conservation.

Adventurous Exploration

Live on a conservation ranch near Glacier National Park, horseback ride, rock climb & hike.

“The openness of the community is still mind blowing. The great friendships and networks that VISIONS has established on the Blackfeet reservation were super valuable.”

—Judy C.

“I really enjoyed interacting with the Blackfeet community and listening to their stories. One thing I gained was trying new things that I normally would have never done. It gave me a sense of what I want to do in life.”

—Nicholas M.

“After my month in Montana, I was not only able to reflect on the good that I had done for the community, but I was also allowed to reflect on my personal growth. VISIONS taught me a lot about taking personal risks, as well as the importance of communication and expressing myself while living in a group. I became a more independent and goal-driven person.”

—Jennifer I.

Powerful Experiences for Every Teen

No frills, just results: VISIONS legacy is built on meaningful service in new environments, yielding student fulfillment and transformation.

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