Years of Experience

Construction Projects

Teens Served

Island Adventures with a Purpose

Cultural Immersion

You’re welcomed like an old friend into communities where we have worked for 30+ years!

Impactful Projects

Build schools & run a camp in the D.R. or do carpentry & other projects in the BVI.

Adventurous Exploration

Discover places of beauty, wonder and pure fun—from beaches to scenic vistas.

Experience some of the heart and soul of the Caribbean! Work on a variety of service projects and take exciting excursions while also learning about the rich Caribbean heritage of the islands.

Dominican Republic

“I learned so much about what I could accomplish and who I was. I met some of the most amazing people that encouraged my growth and became great friends.”

—Julie F.

British Virgin Islands

“VISIONS was probably the best experience of my life so far. It gives you an idea about working for the future and working for other people’s joy and not for yourself.”

—Oscar T.

Powerful Experiences for Every Teen

No frills, just results: VISIONS legacy is built on meaningful service in new environments, yielding student fulfillment and transformation.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Together we can. Contact us to learn more