Montana Roots Gap FAQ

Program Preparation Information


Packing Guidelines / Tech Policy

Our somewhat conservative dress recognizes the fact that we are going to work each day, and certain apparel is more appropriate for such work. We understand that participants may need to shop to purchase some new or new-thrift items in order to adhere to the dress code, and we appreciate your understanding. Articles of clothing NOT permitted on VISIONS programs:

    • Short-shorts or short skirts. All shorts—for boys and girls—must have a minimum 5” inseam. 4 ¾” and less will not be permitted, and please note that VISIONS is specific with the length of shorts in order to remove discrepancies or confusion. 
    • Crop tops or shirts that reveal midriff
    • Spaghetti strap shirts
    • Clothing that reveals undergarments and low-cut shirts
    • Thin or see-through spandex or yoga pants (wearing these under other clothing such as shorts is permitted)

Note: If participants bring clothing items that don’t follow the dress code described above, they won’t be able to wear those items during the program. 


  • VISIONS is a cell phone / tech-free program, but [non-phone] cameras are allowed and encouraged. If participants choose not to bring one, leaders and other students will be taking photos throughout the program and we will share the photos with everyone at the end of the program.
  • Cell phones will be collected on the first day and will be returned to participants once or twice a week for 30 to 60 minutes for personal calls, and also distributed on an as-needed basis for the VISIONS capstone project.
  • Gap program participants will want to bring a laptop or tablet to use for the capstone and for other projects during the program. Participants will have access to their computers during designated times. As with access to cell phones, our tech policies are in place so that participants can focus on the “here and now” of the program and not be distracted by outside matters. We encourage participants to let friends and family know that you will be largely inaccessible while on the program. Our office number is always available for people to be in touch and leave messages for students if needed.

Spending Money

Tuition covers almost everything during the program, but some participants like to bring extra money (we suggest bringing no more than $100 in cash). Due to COVID and the fact that we will not be entering places of business, there won’t be many opportunities for shopping or purchases, but we do recommend bringing an ATM and credit card for incidentals.


  • Carry medications in their original containers, clearly labeled. Participants should confirm they have enough for the entire trip.
  • We recommend participants bring medications in their carry-on for access if luggage is delayed or lost.


Precautionary Measures

We are all in this together, and arriving to Montana COVID-free will set you and your group members up for a fun and successful experience!

  • Prior to acceptance to the program, participants complete a health form, which asks general questions about lifestyle and living situations.
  • All participants are required to self-isolate for two weeks prior to the program.
  • During the two week isolation, participants must avoid public places, maintain at least six feet of distance from people who do not live in their household, and wear a mask when necessary.
  • Participants will monitor their health for two weeks prior to the program and document temperatures and health conditions. VISIONS will provide a health screening form to submit daily.
  • If a participant displays any COVID-related symptoms prior to the program, they must be tested immediately and provide the test results to VISIONS. If the test is negative, they must be symptom-free for 72 hours prior to leaving for the program. If the test is positive, the participant will not be allowed to attend the VISIONS program.


Travel Logistics
  • Due to COVID precautions, we recommend driving to the program if possible. VISIONS will introduce participants who live in the same region to each other for possible carpooling.
  • Participants are required to follow CDC guidelines for car travel. VISIONS will have a place to store vehicles during the course of the program.
  • For participants who fly to the program, the VISIONS travel agent is Aileen Setiawan at Discover Travel, 215.925.6174 or If a participant chooses not to book with Aileen, the itinerary must be submitted to VISIONS for approval prior to booking. Neither VISIONS nor our travel agent will be able to assist with travel issues associated with flights booked through an alternative option.
  • VISIONS leaders pickup up each participant at the Bozeman airport upon arrival.
Evacuation & Trip Insurance
If participants wish to purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance in addition to the required evacuation insurance, please read more here, and also contact RedPoint Resolutions at 415-481-0600 or and let them know that you are a VISIONS participant.
Program Expectations & Zero Tolerance Rules

Zero Tolerance Rules

VISIONS is a zero tolerance program regarding consumption, possession, or attempted possession of alcohol or drugs/illegal substances. Consuming, possessing, or attempting to possess alcohol or drugs/illegal substances will result in immediate dismissal from the program. Participants may not abuse over-the-counter drugs or use medications not prescribed to them. Other activities that are prohibited on the program include: (1) Sexual contact—meaning conduct deemed unacceptable in public places, and (2) use of tobacco, vape pens and e-cigarettes. Remember that VISIONS focuses on an inclusive group dynamic, making cliques and romances out of sync with the goal of a powerful and life-changing experience. Please review the Enrollment Contract for the complete Terms of Participation.

The zero tolerance rules are in place for everyone’s safety, health and welfare, common sense, group dynamic, and with local laws in mind. If a participant is sent home early from a program, the participant or parent/guardian will be responsible for booking the next available flight directly with the airline.