Years of Experience

Construction Porjects

Teens Served

Teaching Empathy Through Community

We are proud to be listed by the New York Times as a Top 5 Summer Program for Teens. Most importantly, we are proud of the impact our programs have on our partner communities and on the teens who share in the journey.

Cultural Immersion

We have worked in each of our host communities for 26 to 32 years!

Impactful Projects

Service from carpentry to animal welfare, environmental and time with children.

Adventurous Exploration

Discover places of beauty, wonder, and pure fun.
Dominican Republic
“I learned so much about what I could accomplish and who I was. I met some of the most amazing people that encouraged my growth and became great friends.”
—Julie F.
Montana Blackfeet Reservation
“The openness of the community is still mind blowing. The great friendships and networks that VISIONS has established on the Blackfeet reservation were super valuable.”
—Judy C.
“So many important things I gained from my month in Peru. I made new kinds of friends. I got so close with my peers, community members, and leaders. I am so thankful for this opportunity I had to go to Peru. I am forever grateful.”
—Sophia M.
British Virgin Islands
“VISIONS was probably the best experience of my life so far. It gives you an idea about working for the future and working for other people’s joy and not for yourself.”
—Oscar T.

Powerful Experiences for Every Teenager

Students who do meaningful service work in new environments gain exceptional fulfillment and insight. It’s been our program model for 35 years.

Ready to Make an Impact?

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