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VISIONS programs are built on the foundation of five core values:

  1. Connection. Forge connections with the self and others in ways that create enduring bonds, build empathy and make us whole.
  2. Communication. Foster clear and honest communication that is the bedrock for meaningful relationships, that takes listening further into understanding and that makes us real.
  3. Engagement. Actively and fearlessly strive to make a positive difference for other people, living creatures and the earth.
  4. Community BuildingCommit to being part of an interdependent group that learns from setbacks, accomplishes shared goals, and challenges each other to tap into the best parts of themself.
  5. Knowledge. Cultivate understanding that comes from being fully present in the world and that engages the mind, body and heart. Through knowledge comes consciousness, transformation and love.

Read the following stories to see how our programs embody these values.



Summers with Substance

Summers with Substance

Summers with Substance   How Summer Programs Can Further Learning Summers with Substance   How Summer Programs Can Further Learning As a parent preparing for my child’s upcoming summer vacation, I’m always on edge about the summer learning loss,...