VISIONS Leaders From Around the World

Training Together in Bozeman, Montana

In June, VISIONS leaders from around the world came together in Bozeman, Montana. They gathered for director and leader training sessions, preparing for the upcoming summer community service trips for teens. Together they drilled on VISIONS values and best practices, and also bonded as a community.
From sunup to sundown leaders engaged in scenarios, circle meetings, lectures and workshops. But the leaders also found time to connect deeply with each other and share their different cultures and experiences, so in many ways their training sessions mirrored the benefits enjoyed by participants on VISIONS summer programs.
Sav Yuth traveled the farthest to join us and treated everyone to Cambodian cuisine, cooking some of her favorite dishes from home. She also experienced snow for the first time and noted that Montana was cold… but beautiful.
Nico Jara from Peru and Santos Ramos from the Dominican Republic got their hands dirty visiting a local farm on their day off. They also took day trips to Yellowstone and hiked some of the surrounding mountain trails, wasting no time.
VISIONS leaders from around the world shared many laughs over bachata dancing and kickball. A commitment to VISIONS values brought them together, and their newfound skills and friendships propelled them into a summer of leading service trips for teens.

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