Tips for Making a Difference in Everyday Life 

“I came back from a summer with VISIONS wanting to change the world and intrigued by the world around me.” —Jennifer Atlas (Dominican Republic)

As our past teen volunteers know, VISIONS Service Adventures is rooted in the service work we do within our host communities. It’s not to say that we don’t have fun, but we always like to explain to people that VISIONS is a good fit for those students who really want to make a difference; the ones who are really looking for meaningful and ambitious service work beyond what they might find from a teen tour experience.

It’s this work hard/play hard philosophy that VISIONS high school and middle school students  are drawn to, and we’ve noticed it’s a philosophy that many apply to their daily lives upon return home.

Welcome to Make a Difference Mondays, a day when VISIONS and past VISIONS participants offer ways to make a difference on a daily basis. It might be an energy saving or environmentally friendly tip (did you know that you should unplug your smartphone chargers from the wall socket when not in use?), an organization that you can help support (like, or an alumni spotlight that looks at some of the amazing things our teen volunteers are doing now.

And we want to hear from you.

What are you doing in your day-to-day life to make a difference? Big or small, everything counts. Sometimes by hearing what others are doing, we find ourselves more inspired to do something as well.

Happy Monday!

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