Hello, Visions!

I was on the Tortola trip last summer (2008), and after reading [the December 2008] newsletter I just wanted to share an experience that I believe will stay with me for many years.  One of our work projects in Tortola was building a small, one-room house for an old woman named Mrs. Rose, whose house was already overflowing with people. One day, a small boy named Shamoy (probably around 6 years old) who lived with Mrs. Rose came outside and was sitting with us while we were on lunch break. As we all sat in the half-built house (which was still mostly just a frame of a house at this point), Shamoy tugged on my shirt as he looked up around him. Then he looked at me and said “This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen. Thank you.”

This was one of the most overwhelming and incredible moments I think I’ve ever had in my life. Watching this boy look at the work we were doing with such appreciation and wonder in his eyes was a memory I will never forget. The feeling of accomplishment, pride, and overwhelming joy I felt in that moment will never be forgotten.

That specific moment, and VISIONS in general, has inspired and instilled in me a passion for helping people less fortunate than myself in whatever way I can. I will continue to strive to achieve that feeling of personal satisfaction and achievement by helping others throughout the rest of my life.

Thank you so much,

Lily Plotkin

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