There are quiet ways that VISIONS breathes life into its mission apart from the work that our participants achieve in the youth summer programs, the financial aid awarded annually (to approximately 8%-10% of summer participants), and the spaces we make on a few of our programs for local youth.

VISIONS subsidizes wholly or in partnerships with local organizations the construction projects we undertake each summer. Each program site has a budget line item for “projects contribution.” The allocation ranges from $2,500 to $6,000 for projects at each three- or four-week teen travel program.

VISIONS makes annual contributions to support primarily, but not exclusively, social and educational resources in the places we work and in our home office community.

A few of the non-profit organizations also receive clothing, books, medical and other supplies directly from VISIONS and alumni participants who sponsor donations drives at their schools after returning from their VISIONS summers. These organizations include:

Batey Children’s Fund

Committee For Concerned Women, Carib Territory, Dominica

Cheyenne Children Services, Lame Deer, MT

St. Labre Indian School, Northern Cheyenne Reservation, MT

Piegan Institute, Blackfeet Reservation, MT

Umoja Student Development Corporation, Chicago, IL

Brother’s Brother Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA

Natural Resources Defense Council

James Gailbraith Memorial Fund (’90 VISIONS leader)

Jeremy Marc Abcug Memorial Scholarship Fund (’92 VISIONS participant)

Matthew S. Hisiger Film Foundation (’98 VISIONS participant)

Perry County Literacy Council, Newport, PA

Newport Public Library, Newport, PA

Habitat for Humanity, Perry County, PA

Planned Parenthood of the Susquehanna Valley, PA

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