Tetlin Says Thank You

Tetlin Village Council would like to express our thanks to the VISIONS Service Adventures for their service to the Native Village of Tetlin. Over the course of one month the VISIONS volunteers provided a great service to the community; Tetlin Village Council provided donated building materials for a number of projects which VISIONS completed.

In one month, a community playground was constructed near the community basketball court, the outside basketball court was extended to a full size court, and a gazebo was constructed for community picnics.

Tetlin Village Council would also like to thank Young’s Timber, Inc. for donating extra materials and delivering those materials in Tetlin when needed. Thank you for your help!

The Council would also like to express their gratitude to all the youth and service leaders that participated in VISIONS Service Adventures. Thank you for all your help this summer and we hope to see you again!!

The VISIONS group in Tetlin had 24 youth and 6 leaders/adults that worked in Tetlin. Group Members come from all over the world and the U.S.

They previously worked in Tanacross for the last few years and this is their first year working in Tetlin.

VISIONS Service Adventures goes to different places throughout the world and does various community service projects that benefit the communities.

— Patricia Young, Tetlin Environmental Director, Tetlin Village Council

VISIONS in The New York Times