Middle School Travel & Service Program Offers Alternative for Tweens

As the parent of a middle schooler, it can be a challenge to understand exactly what your child is going through during this stage of life. Your “tween” may struggle with self-esteem, the social pressures of trying to fit in, academics, and the list goes on. Sometimes it’s as if they are truly stuck in the middle of two worlds, and trying to inch their way into the next.

In many ways, VISIONS Passage Programs for middle school students can be a good stepping-stone from one world to the next. It’s the perfect opportunity for that middle school kid who’s looking for something a little more offbeat than summer sleep-away camp. The one who has always had a natural drive to make a difference in the world and be part of something bigger. Or for a student who’s ready to escape the social pressures that exist in the school environment, even momentarily, in order realize their true potential.

Many of the middle school VISIONS parents mention that they notice something different about their child upon return home. Some said it was a confidence or a sense of gratitude. For others, they couldn’t pinpoint it, but it was like the child had become more well rounded.

It was an amazing feeling to help people and know those who you are helping. I will never forget the experiences I had on the trip. I was able to learn independence, make friends, experience a new culture, and help those in need. VISIONS has changed me in a positive way. 
Robby Phillips, Student, Island Passage

Beyond anything we’d hoped for. She is a new kid. Confident, happy, interested and already planning her next summer! We just can’t thank you enough for a wonderful summer! 
Izzy Povich, ParentNorthern Passage

It is strange, as a parent, to never have actually met the people who helped our child grow into a more aware, fulfilled and content human being…. but I do know what you all are like. I know because I see it in my daughter’s face and the way she treats others with respect and dignity. So, once again, I tip my hat.
Sara Adkisson-Joyner, Parent, Northern Passage

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