“…there is no ‘average’ VISIONS staffer…”

We tend to think that there is no “average” VISIONS staffer.

Our staffers and directors are a pretty eclectic bunch of individuals who come on board with varied and enchanting tales of travel, a wide range of skills and experience, and an all important desire to work with teenagers while exploring and learning about other cultures. VISIONS staffers are builders, carpenters, teachers, Peace Corps volunteers, artisans, and graduate students.

They come together each season to work and play with, to befriend and challenge hundreds of teenagers whose young lives may change forever through the experience. So what becomes of this eclectic assortment of committed individuals every year? Well, their lives are often changed through the influence of other staffers. Indeed, a lifelong bond can grow between two staffers sharing a VISIONS experience. Here are just a few special VISIONS staffers and partners whose lives have changed recently:

♥ Rich Newman and Nicole Moore (Virgin Gorda) were married in a civil wedding in May. They will marry again in Virgin Gorda in July.

♥ Marvin and Janelle Mastin (Montana, South Carolina)—They are the proud parents of Maya Mastin born April 1999.

♥ Kristen and Trevor Taylor
(Montana, Dominica, Guadeloupe)—They are the proud parents of Cole Taylor born August 1998.

♥ Joby Taylor and Beth Dobbins (Guadeloupe) married this May.

♥ Rick Kraince and Sherri Biegeleisen (Tortola, Dominica)—They are the proud parents of Sofia Biegeleisen born May 1999.

♥ Elena Silva and Brian (Woody) Woodward (Virgin Gorda) will marry in July.

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