Meet Rebecca, a blackfeet member, VISIONS DR alum, and scholarship recipient!

Rebecca Edwards was one of the VISIONS Foundation scholarship recipients last summer. Learn more about her incredible experience in the Dominican Republic, and how it helped her step out of her comfort zone

VISIONS Service Adventures has helped hundreds of high-achieving kids experience an incredible summer through our scholarship program, and we have seen the life-long benefits. The participation of teenagers from diverse backgrounds unquestionably enriches the experience for everyone, while also giving students an equal opportunity to contribute to communities around the world. In order to reach more kids, however, we have established the VISIONS Foundation (our sister nonprofit) to grant financial aid and scholarships.

Rebecca Edwards, a senior from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana, was one of our scholarship recipients last summer. She had the opportunity to attend a VISIONS program in the Dominican Republic, where she participated in community service projects and formed meaningful connections with both fellow program participants and members of the local community.

Rebecca’s introduction to VISIONS came through her mother, who had collaborated with VISIONS on various projects. Intrigued by their work, Rebecca started spending time with the VISIONS teens in her community and decided that she would like to do more – she wanted to be a participant and go on a program! Thanks to a scholarship from VISIONS Foundation, she was able to participate in a summer community service program in the Dominican Republic.

Reflecting on her experience, Rebecca describes it as “absolutely incredible.” During her time in the Dominican Republic, she worked on community service projects such as constructing classrooms and creating a garden. Immersing herself in the local culture, Rebecca learned about the country’s history and traditions. She said she was pleasantly surprised by how welcomed she felt, not only by the other VISIONS participants, but the local community where she lived in the DR.

Initially nervous about being away from home and surrounded by strangers, Rebecca realized that everyone shared a common purpose – to make a difference and have a meaningful experience. Through VISIONS, she set off on a journey that boosted her self-confidence and made her more comfortable forming new friendships. “I encourage anyone who has the chance to participate in a program like this to fully embrace the experience and step out of their comfort zone,” she states.

VISIONS Foundation’s scholarship program aims to provide young individuals like Rebecca with the chance to experience the transformative power of community service programs. By offering financial aid and scholarships, we ensure that financial need does not hinder participation. Our commitment to expanding opportunities for young people has enabled Rebecca and many others to participate in life-changing community service programs.

To support VISIONS Foundation’s efforts in expanding opportunities for young people, consider making a donation on our website. Your contribution will help ensure that more students have access to these valuable experiences, allowing them to contribute to communities around the world while gaining skills and experiences that will benefit them for a lifetime.


Owen Clarke is a writer for VISIONS. A career outdoor journalist, his work appears in 30+ international magazines, including Iron & Air, Climbing, Outside, Rock and Ice, SKI, Trail Runner and The Outdoor Journal. He is also the executive editor of Skydiving Source and Indoor Skydiving Source.

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Your Impact Lives On

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