Talk about service with a view! In the village of Huaynaccolca, VISIONS Peru worked with community members to complete phase one of an 8000 sq. ft. schoolhouse that will serve rural children.

The teen volunteer crew used pickaxes and shovels to remove dirt and level the ground. They mixed and transported cement, and learned the skills needed to construct 10’ tall cinder block and mortar walls. Finally, they built and installed wood planks for the ceiling, which will serve as the base for pouring concrete for the second story.

VISIONS works with the same communities year after year. This lets us take on bigger projects that have a real impact for our hosts. Those long-term relationships also open doors to parts of the local culture that you just won’t get on a teen tour.


Second session students completed phase two of the school. They installed three 4’ x 3’ windows on the first level and started the second level by assembling six rebar beams for structural support of the walls and floor. They laid a grid of reinforcing wire and styrofoam planks onto the floorboards, and mixed and poured a cement floor that cured for several days before removing the wood floor frame molding.

There’s always more work to be done, and more adventure to be found. Are you ready to dig in? Visit our Peru program page to learn more about one of our most popular summer programs, and apply today!

VISIONS in The New York Times