Mi Chacra” (My Land), the first feature-length documentary film by Jason Burlage, who staffed and then directed VISIONS Peru (2005 through 2007), was chosen to debut at the Denver Film Festival in November.  Jason spent a year filming in the Sacred Valley and another year-plus editing and completing his film.

2008 and 2009 VISIONS Peru participants will be interested to know that it was Neyda Barazosdo’s husband who accompanied Jason during most of the filming (Neyda is our cook in Peru).  “Mi Chacra” is fiscally sponsored by the non-profit organization Documentary Educational Resources (DER) and supported by private donations.The film takes place on the high plains and in the mountains above the Sacred Valley in the Andes of southern Peru where descendents of the Incans still farm as their ancestors did centuries ago. It is the story of a young indigenous Peruvian man, Feliciano, who has lived his entire life but for a few brief months in a small farming village in the mountains above the Sacred Valley. Like everyone in his community, Feliciano has been raised as a farmer. And like many, he has been instilled with the belief that life in the city would be better than the life he leads. He dreams of a better life for his small son.

Framed by the seasons, the film chronicles a year in Feliciano’s life, from planting to the harvest and through a season of work as a porter on the Inca Trail. Interwoven with the story of Feliciano and his family is the complex history of his people. In his often poetic native language of Quechua, Feliciano recounts the history of the Incas, the conquest by the Spanish, and the years of the haciendas.

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