What makes a VISIONS teen travel program so magical? Many factors, actually.

One key ingredient is our high quality staff.

We received this email in April praising a veteran VISIONS director.

I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for connecting me with Alberto [Alberto Ramos, Program Director in the Dominican Republic] and his family. In 25 years of doing experiences like this with students, this one in the Dominican Republic was of the highest quality. Not only were the students thoroughly immersed in a language and culture very different from their own but also they had
the chance to work along side students from the DR, colleagues very similar in age and interests to them. Our young people have returned from the DR with the immense satisfaction of a job well done (we actually built a school room to a very crowded facility) but also with new friends. I know that the VISIONS summer program abroad with Alberto must be an amazing experience—I was thrilled to get a taste and so grateful for your recommendation!


Anne T. Weston, Ph.D.

Associate Head of School, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

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