V ISIONS Montana Blackfeet 2016 students used their new construction skills to improve access for elders in our host community of Browning. On one of the projects the teen volunteers demolished a run-down ramp and constructed a new 32’ long wheelchair ramp in its place.

They dug post holes; measured, cut, and plumbed posts into place with concrete. VISIONS leaders taught them safe use of circular saws and chop saws in order to cut stringers, handrails, and decking.  The service project utilized recycled lumber for the balusters. Once cut, all the pieces were laid out and drilled into place. Finally, the team stained and weatherproofed the completed ramp.

VISIONS volunteers are taught the skills needed to start and finish real projects that make a difference in the lives of members of our host community. Depending on which part of the world we’re working in, construction projects might consist of lumber or timber construction, brick or block and mortar work, or even adobe. Participants choose from among several projects daily depending on their interests.

Check out the VISIONS Montana Blackfeet program page to learn more about service projects and adventure under a big sky. Ready to dig in? Apply today!

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