Participants return for another summer with VISIONS

Many of our teens love their VISIONS experience so much they sign up for a second summer (and in some cases, a third or fourth!). Meet a few of our recent alums who are already signed up for VISIONS 2018.

“Immersing myself in the culture and doing meaningful community service projects that really made an impact on the community was so exciting and different than anything I have ever done.”

— Jasmine Berger
2017 Cambodia
2018 Montana Blackfeet

“I was born in Cambodia and I’m hoping to get a more in depth look at where I’m from, instead of doing touristy stuff. I think I will challenge myself by interacting with the locals and the other participants in the group.

— Eli Swan
2017 British Virgin Islands
2018 Cambodia

“For the past two summers I have done VISIONS programs and each time I had an amazing experience and met wonderful people. I hope to gain new experiences and be open to trying things I haven’t done before.”

— Ana Kramer (right)
2016 British Virgin Islands
2017 Cambodia
2018 Alaska

“Last summer I went to Peru. To be completely honest, I loved it. One of the best experiences in my life. I made countless new friends and got to help people. This year, I hope to gain more insight into the lives of those in Ecuador.”

— Cedric Bridger
2017 Peru
2018 Ecuador & Galapagos

“I chose my first ​​VISIONS programs because I wanted to get away from camp and do something good, and not self-oriented. The trips made me open my eyes and see the world and myself differently. I will never lose those experiences and now want to have more.”

— Bella Pearlman (right)
2017 Ecuador & Galapagos
2017 Dominican Republic
2018 Peru

“I like the fact that VISIONS has a strong focus on service, but also on having fun. I hope to gain knowledge of the area, improve my Spanish, and contribute to the community the best I can.”

— Zoe White
2016 Montana Northern Cheyenne Middle School
2018 Dominican Republic

“I think it is a great way to help the community while also having some fun. I hope to gain new friendships and connections, and learn about the islands.”

— Kagan Rowland (right)
2017 Peru
2018 British Virgin Islands

“I chose VISIONS for the service. They provide both service and adventure, which is perfect in my mind. I hope to gain new friends, experiences, and also leadership skills.”

— Jarin Mandros (right)
2017 British Virgin Islands
2018 Ecuador & Galapagos

“As soon as I came home, I asked to go to another one. I met so many interesting people and learned new skills. I want to continue to better understand the world and people.”

— Elam Fifer-Whiting
2017 British Virgin Islands
2018 Cambodia

“I did the Montana Blackfeet trip and learned a lot and had a great time. I thought it was very well run. Now I hope to gain a view of another culture and lifestyle, and improve my Spanish and make memories while helping others.”

— Amalia Dora (right)
2017 Montana Blackfeet
2018 Peru

Brothers John (left) and Aaron (right) Bobrow will also be participating in their second Spanish immersion program this summer!

2017 Ecuador & Galapagos
2018 Peru

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