Hello, VISIONS alumni!

Many of you have stayed in contact over the years with us and with your trip mates.  Some of you even have returned to VISIONS to work as staffers. We love hearing what you are up to, what you have been doing since your summers with us, and in what ways you became inspired and changed because of your experiences.  If we have learned anything about you at all, it is that you are an amazing group of people with unlimited energy and resources.  That fact becomes clear after each summer when we hear about you from your staff and from you through your evaluations and correspondence. You are the backbone of VISIONS.  Without you, we would not exist.

But where are you now and what are you doing?We want to know.  Increasingly, we are hearing from alumni looking for trip mates, traveling to their old program sites and asking us for directions to the houses they built, or requesting brochures because they now work with youth and want to get the word out about VISIONS.

It has long been our desire to devise a way to stay in touch with you long after your program is over and to help you all stay in touch with each other.  We hope to keep you and your energy involved with and feeding VISIONS.  Now we have created a section on our website for just this purpose.  You will find our Alumni News page under the main heading of COMMUNITY on our top navigation bar.

When you get there, enter your current contact information, what program(s) you participated in, and tell us what you are doing now.  There will be more features added to this site soon, features that will help you find VISIONS friends from long ago, network with other alumni, and stay involved with VISIONS.  You’ll also find the current edition of The Visionary Newsletter in this section, which we post twice a year.   So check back often.

In fact, the Fall 2005 Newsletter is on line now.

We look forward to learning about you and learning from you.  And we certainly hope to reconnect with you.

Stacy Bodow
VISIONS Service Adventures
Program Director:
Tortola 1999, 2000
Australia 2002, 2004
Virgin Gorda 2005
Alaska – Aug 1998
Dominica – July 1997, 1998

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