Dear Visions Staff and Participants,

We are the volunteers who run animal rescue and control the dogs of Virgin Gorda. Thank you so very much. What wonderful, dedicated staff and teens you sent to our island to help in so many community projects. They worked so hard in tremendous heat…always with smiles and such good will.

I hope you have seen pictures of the wonderful dog houses they built. They didn’t stop at building basic structures but went on to create doors in the shape of palm trees, windows in the shape of paw prints, a dog bone, etc.

The dogs these houses shelters are definitely in need. Now, instead of huddling under a tree during storms, they have a home to call their own. Some of the teens and staff accompanied me as we delivered one of the houses. The dog owner was so thankful and blessed your organization, as do I.

Thank you so way much-my warmest regards to Jeff, Stacy, Emily all the entire group. I do hope you visit again.


Pita Kaflman


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