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¿Habla Español? Or want to give it a try?

Share meals. Dance and enjoy music nights. Talk about culture, customs and history with local friends. Ride to worksites and recreation activities with local teens and our long-time drivers. Spend time in the kitchen preparing meals with local cooks. Make arepas or head to the beach. 

Whatever the activity, you can’t resist practicing your Spanish when the language is all around you and the community is so genuinely eager to get to know you. The project sites are where language is ambient and easily absorbed with our hosts working by your side. But that’s just the beginning!

Sharing stories in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic….

build classrooms that are badly needed in schools filled to capacity. Many students receive lessons in rooms made of degrading scrap metal and wobbly posts—teachers and kids alike can’t wait for the improved infrastructure! Create and paint a mural at the school. With local teens, organize and supervise a youth camp for children ages 4 to 13, including English classes, sports, arts and crafts.

Walk to the local colmado for a little ice cream after a good day’s work, then head out for activities ranging from artisan workshops to swimming at the largest lake in the Caribbean. Full day excursions include time at the beach, a partial “day stay” with another VISIONS student and a neighbor host family, and more.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a three-decade tradition that has put more than 3,500 Dominican children through school!

“The cross-cultural interaction was interesting and deep. I learned a lot from it, and I was actually able to have a conversation in Spanish by the end of the trip… everything about the experience was rewarding because every difficult thing we had to get through had a reward in the end.”  —Nathaniel S.

In Peru….

you will construct water canales that make it possible for an entire small Peruvian village to continue their livelihood as farmers. With increasing droughts and a nearby mountain that hasn’t received snow for more than a decade, these canales make water use more efficient and widespread for local agriculture. Build a mercado where community members can sell their produce. Assist in classes at a primary school with young children excited to get to know you. 

Afternoons include talleres of pottery, carpentry, weaving, processing chocolate and making jewelry. You’ll also have “Bamba time” to explore the Plaza de Armas in the hometown of Urubamba. In addition to a “day stay” with a local host family and another VISIONS participant, one of the popular weekend activities is a trip to Machu Picchu!

With only one program session in 2022, Peru is almost full. Whether you choose the Peruvian Andes or Dominican Caribbean for your summer, you won’t go wrong!

“My summer was extremely rewarding! Not only did I get to practice my Spanish and learn a lot about Peruvian culture but I also met amazing people! My peers, leaders and the people of Peru were all spectacular, I learned so much and had an amazing, fun and eye opening experience!”  —Erin O.


Your Spanish will improve… it’s the truth!

We sincerely don’t want you to miss this opportunity to make a difference, have fun and have the bonus of improving your language skills along the way.

Note: The two-year language pre-req for the longer Dominican Republic & Peru is waived for the 12-day DR session. 

Contact us to learn more or apply now!

Practice Spanish!

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