VISIONS Reviews Contest 2020


Win a VISIONS hoodie in minutes!







Win a VISIONS hoodie in minutes!

How to Enter:


  • Click ANY of the buttons below to leave a review about your VISIONS experience.
  • Each time you leave a review we will add your name to the drawing — for example, if you leave THREE reviews we will add your name THREE times.
  • We will be drawing 2 winners!
  • Any participant to leave SEVEN reviews (1 on each site listed plus another of your choice) will bypass the drawing entirely and automatically win a VISIONS hoodie!

Contest TIPS:


  • Specify your name or initials in the review so we can give you credit. If not, we won’t know who wrote it!
  • Be authentic and say what’s true for you. We’re not grading.
  • Make sure any Facebook reviews are set to “Public.
  • All reviews written since July 2019 will count towards this contest. 



Contest ends February 14th.
Don’t delay!

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