Armeno Pellegrini

Peru Director

Armeno bio pictureArmeno Pellegrini was born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and spent many summers visiting family in Mexico, developing a passion for travel, the outdoors, and experiencing other cultures. 

Armeno attended Temple University, earning Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Political Science, as well as a minor in Spanish that was bolstered by studying abroad in Madrid. One of Armeno’s favorite experiences during college was Temple Honors Appalachia, a week-long service immersion trip in Kentucky working with local nonprofits, and getting a precursor to life as a VISIONS leader.

After graduating, Armeno worked in financial services at Vanguard and Prudential before changing directions and moving into the education field. He is currently building a foundation as a substitute teacher at a Philadelphia K-8 public school. When he’s not working, Armeno spends some of his leisure time writing and playing music, biking, hiking, disc golfing and cooking.

Armeno served as a VISIONS leader in 2020 on our previous Montana Farm & Ranch program and returned to VISIONS in 2022 as a leader in Peru. In 2023, he led and directed the British Virgin Islands program, and this summer he’s excited to return to Peru as director. He will be joined by a full leader team and local staff.

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