British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands
Summer Programs
High School
June 30 to July 21
75 Service Hours

Islands rising up out of crystal clear blue waters. Mountain peaks touching trade wind clouds. Crescent-shaped white sand beaches stretching endlessly. A proud Afro-Caribbean heritage alive in a culture with all the flavor of the local fruit trees and all the variety of the fish swimming offshore.

Welcomed Service

Service will engage you with the enthusiasm of local carpenters, farmers, environmentalists and public servants. In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Department of Agriculture, National Parks Trust and schools, VISIONS teenagers have built playgrounds, pavilions, homes, mountain lookouts, beach facilities, walking trails and more. Community service in the BVI is never all construction, however. The Rainbow Home awaits us volunteering with their children every summer. We help with Long Look Library's youth summer programs and often lend a hand at the Humane Society. We also work on a local farm, preparing the fields, maintaining irrigation systems, harvesting coconuts, pineapple and gineps, and feeding the livestock.

Full Immersion

There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the community and to learn about Tortola's island culture. “Special Assignments” are one way we explore by talking with local friends to learn more about small business, the environment, culture and economy. We also attend workshops with artisans and musicians, learn to make the favorite island smoothies, attend festivals, host a Rastafarian guest speaker, and regularly make time to play and unwind with neighborhood friends and local children. We listen to steel drum music on the beach and play pickup basketball games. Throw in a perfect ocean sunset, and the stage is set for an unforgettable summer.

"The summer in the BVI was unforgettable. The focus on community service made me appreciate all the little things I take for granted."

Rosa Lechartier – Paris, France
Our Home Base 

We live and work on Tortola, the commercial center and largest island of the BVI. Friendships forged during our two decades of service and collaboration in Tortola’s friendly and lively communities mean that VISIONS local partners welcome our youth volunteers warmly, year after year.

Explore the British Virgin Islands
Recreation activities engage us in our amazing surroundings. Snorkeling happens at almost every beach and finding the best coral reefs becomes its own small summer adventure. You will go sailing, boating and scuba diving. Tour the island and meet local artists and craftspeople; learn to fish and go on a fruit hunt. Our hikes wind through tropical forests and island peaks. You also will discover the colorful capital of Road Town with its lively markets, street music and good food.

More Details

Flights are to Beef Island, an extension of Tortola. Alternatively, participants may fly to St. Thomas and pay for a VISIONS chaperon escort to Tortola.
Home base is a community center or school where you live with the other teens and VISIONS leaders.
Boys and girls sleep in separate rooms and VISIONS provides thick foam floor mattresses. You will bring your own sheets and a pillow.
Each teen volunteer typically chooses their work site four days a week, and we work until early afternoon.
Weekends are for excursions and many afternoons after work are for closer-to-home activities. A few nights a week we meet to discuss our volunteer and cross-cultural experiences.
Details such as a packing list, travel parameters, and health forms are provided upon enrollment through login web pages. The process is straightforward and we also are here to help.
A fifth day of the week is for your rotation on "homebase crew" with a few other students and a leader. The crew makes breakfast for the group, shops at local markets, and cleans our home.
In addition to our high school summer program on the BVI, we also offer a middle school summer service adventure.
Program Director
British Virgin Islands


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