Terms & Conditions


All participants complete the application process in order to be considered for a VISIONS program. Space on the program is held once the participant has reached “Registered” status.

PART ONE: APPLY. The following is submitted as part of the application:

  • Contact information for participant and parent/guardian(s)
  • Participant Questionnaire
  • Contact information for two references (waived for alumni)
  • $50 Application Fee (waived for alumni and financial aid recipients)

We then review the completed application, check references and determine whether the participant is accepted to the program. Decisions are made within one week of receiving the completed application.

PART TWO: ACCEPTED (CONDITIONAL). If accepted to the program, families then submit the following in order to be registered:

  • Enrollment Contract
  • Health and Behavior Form
  • $800 tuition deposit (or full tuition if enrolling after March 15th)

PART THREE: REGISTERED. Once registered, space on the program is held. Families then receive additional travel details, packing list and access to a program login page.


Tuition includes almost all program expenses, such as:

  • Lodging
  • Meals and healthy snacks
  • Service projects
  • Activities and excursions
  • Weekly laundry
  • Transportation beginning at airport pick-up and ending at airport drop-off
  • VISIONS leaders, local staff, and guides

Tuition does not include airfare, baggage fees or other travel-related expenses, evacuation insurance, medical expenses, cost of evacuation, health and travel insurance, personal spending money, cost of calls home, or airport taxes.

The $800 tuition deposit holds a space on the program and is credited toward tuition. Half of the deposit is refundable until March 15th, when the full balance of tuition is due. Anyone who enrolls after March 15th must pay full tuition in order to be registered. Because VISIONS makes commitments and financial decisions related to each person’s participation in advance of the program, tuition is non-refundable after March 15th for any reason, including but not limited to, family or personal emergencies, physical or mental illness or injury, voluntary departure, and participant dismissal.

We understand that program tuition is an investment, and that personal or family plans sometimes change. We strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance or speaking with your insurance provider about the options. You may also check with RedPoint Solutions at 415-481-0610. RedPoint is the same company that provides the evacuation insurance for all participants.

Listed tuition prices are for payment via ACH transfer or check. Payment by credit card is an additional 3%, and payment by international wire is an additional $30.

PROGRAM ALTERATIONS: Program activities or sites may be altered or cancelled due to any force majeure, including weather or other conditions affecting the safety of participants, cultural sensitivities, and circumstances beyond the control of VISIONS. Families will be notified as soon as possible in the case of significant changes. In the case of cancellation, VISIONS will place participants on a comparable program of his/her choice depending on availability. If no alternative programs are available or considered to be a suitable substitute, VISIONS will refund all of the tuition payments already made. VISIONS is not responsible for other expenses incurred during travel preparation, including airfare.


VISIONS strongly suggests that flights are booked with our designated travel agent. Flights follow specific arrival and departure time parameters, and the travel agent books participants on the same flight itineraries whenever possible. If a family chooses to book through an alternative option, the flight itinerary must be approved by VISIONS prior to booking. VISIONS will only approve flights that fall within the defined arrival and departure parameters. If a flight is approved and booked through an alternative option, the itinerary must immediately be provided to VISIONS. Neither VISIONS nor our designated travel agent will be able to assist with travel issues for flights that are not booked through our travel agent.

VISIONS representatives do not fly with participants, and participants may fly directly to the program from their own home airport. VISIONS leaders greet each participant upon arrival at the program airport and see each participant off at the end. VISIONS has no control over the airlines and is not responsible for cancellations or disruptions in travel.


Menus are comprised of meat and vegetarian entrees and side dishes. Exceptional dietary restrictions must be noted on the Health Form that parent/guardian(s) complete so that requests can be evaluated well in advance of the program.

Accommodations and resources available in program locations are unsophisticated compared to home. We live in communal settings and make every effort to create a comfortable, clean, and welcoming environment within the framework of the host community. In locations where tap water is not potable, we purchase bottled water for drinking and cooking.


Parent/guardian(s) are notified by email or phone when participants arrive at the program airport. Time is subsequently provided once a week for participants to contact home. The cost of these weekly calls home is the responsibility of the participant. Suggestions for affordable communication will be provided in the pre-program preparation materials. Parent/guardian(s) will be given a phone number to reach the program directly in the case of emergencies. Additionally, the VISIONS home office can be reached 24 hours a day while programs are in session.


All VISIONS policies are established with safety, health and welfare, common sense, group dynamic, and local laws in mind. Participants who complete VISIONS successfully and within the Terms of Participation receive a Certificate of Service recognizing the completed service hours and projects.

VISIONS is a Zero Tolerance program regarding (1) consumption, possession, or attempted possession of alcohol and drugs/illegal substances, (2) sexual contact. Consuming, possessing, or attempting to possess alcohol or drugs/illegal substances will result in immediate dismissal from the program. Participants may not abuse over-the-counter drugs or use medications not prescribed to them. Sexual contact—meaning conduct deemed unacceptable in public places—also will result in dismissal. Use of tobacco and e-cigarettes are also prohibited on VISIONS programs.

VISIONS expects that all participants understand that they will be asked to put the group’s needs ahead of their own. Participants are ambassadors for VISIONS while in our host communities, and are expected to uphold an ethic of service and goodwill. Safe, considerate conduct, and respect for program policies are essential. We live and work in the public eye, and appropriate behavior, language, and clothing are necessary. Participants assume responsibility for their conduct and their part in creating a productive group experience.

VISIONS may refuse and/or rescind acceptance at any time, to any participant who is believed to be unsuitable for VISIONS programs, for reasons including but not limited to: health, physical ability with or without reasonable accommodation, behavioral history, attitude, or if parent/guardian(s) is/are not in agreement with VISIONS terms of participation/program goals. Failure to disclose information regarding the participant that results in inappropriate program placement is cause for dismissal without refund. If VISIONS rescinds a participant’s acceptance prior to the program start date, paid tuition will be reimbursed at the sole discretion of VISIONS.

VISIONS reserves the right to rescind participation in a program at any time to any participant who subjects the program (“program” is including but not limited to: leaders, other participants, community partners and associates) to any risk of harm or disrespect. Inappropriate or romantic relationships, ongoing profanity, pervasive negativity, bullying, unsafe conduct, self-harm, body modifications, and chronic defiance of protocols also are grounds for reprimand/dismissal at the sole discretion of VISIONS. Body modifications include new tattoos or piercings, and any other activities or actions that would subject one to unnecessary health risks and/or wound care.

Dismissal or early departure from a program is without rebate or refund. Expenses related to dismissal, such as a new flight, are the responsibility of the parent/guardian(s). In the event of dismissal, the parent/guardian(s) is/are responsible for purchasing a ticket for the most immediate flight home that allows for travel time to the airport from the program home base. Participants who leave early at any time prior to the completion of the program will forfeit the Certificate of Service Hours. This rule applies whether departure is on a participant’s own accord, they are dismissed, and/or they break a zero tolerance rule.

DRESS CODE: All participants are required to comply with the dress code as outlined on the packing list. The modest dress codes have been developed intentionally to be appropriate for the cultural and social standards in our communities. As guests, temporary residents, and collaborative partners in our host communities, insensitivity to the dress code interrupts the program and undermines important local relationships. Participants may only bring clothing that falls within dress code parameters. If dress codes are not followed, the participant will be required to immediately purchase appropriate clothing at their own expense.

CELL PHONES, ELECTRONICS, and VALUABLES: VISIONS is an opportunity to forsake regular routines and focus instead on what has the potential to be a profound experience. By unplugging from devices, participants have the opportunity to fully plug-in to the personal connections and unique program surroundings.

VISIONS is an electronics/gadget-free program. Participants may bring cell phones and small music devices for use on flight days. Leaders then collect these and any other devices upon a participant’s arrival to the airport, and those items are stored for the duration of the program. Failure to turn in devices may result in confiscation and donation to a local nonprofit. Cameras are allowed and encouraged, but must be separate from a phone or Internet device. Unnecessary valuables and other electronic devices (including e-readers) should be left at home. While leaders do their best to secure all belongings on site, VISIONS is not responsible for theft or loss of personal property or equipment, nor are those items covered by VISIONS insurance.