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Our teen volunteers on the VISIONS Guadeloupe I program have wrapped up a successful week of hard work, cultural experiences, and seaside adventures. Based on the beautiful­—and less touristy—island of Marie-Galante, VISIONS Leader Christopher Weslosky reports:

“We have built trails along the northeastern cliff coast, stained fences and benches at Le Gueule du Grand Gouffre, and hiked/climbed to caves. Future projects include building and painting fences for the town of Capesterre’s festival, clearing trails, and marking property lines so hikers can have access to a network of paths that navigate the entire island.”

NOTE: We don’t always post regular updates due to the busy and living-in-the-moment nature of our programs, as well as our desire to remain largely “unplugged” from technology in order to be fully “plugged in” to daily life.